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The All Blacks “Digital Strategy” or X’s, Y’s & C & S >1’s & 0’s & S

Ice and fire, Slush 2016 kicks off successfully

Ammeon Breakfast briefing how Agile, DevOps and Cloud work, Dublin 8th December

Solve a real problem, get to know the people with that problem really well. Startup tips with Jason Boud

ECG biometric technology and other security insights with Ben Carter B-Secur

Saunas & Coffee: Notes from the Finland Biohackers Conference

Dealing with change is not an optional extra. Michael Murtagh, Change Manager, Ericsson

Startup insights, Russian opportunities and don’t work with ar#eholes Pekka Viljakainen Skolkovo mentor

Understanding the challenges of transformation using DevOps. Seán Finlay explains more

Top Ten Ways Software Developers Can Distinguish Themselves In The Job Market

Precision: The Internet of Things course with Dr Timothy Chou

Youtube insights with Nick Andrew, leading Canadian Gaming YouTuber coming to GamerCon 2017

Asia’s Most Outstanding Leader, 2016, startup insights with Wempy Dyocta Koto

Don’t be a dodo – Do! Do! The value of DevOps for your business

SLUSH in Helsinki – The most founder focused event in Europe!

What is a Fintech accelerator and a Fintech startup?

3D printing is a transformational technology, Philip Brady Head of Canon Ireland

Russia Behind The Headlines, tech and startup insights with Victoria Zavyalova

A Practical Guide to Creative Leadership

Cafe Surfing: Hot Desking on the Move in Dublin, four top tips for places to work

10 Finnish music start-ups to look out for

Recruiting and Retaining Women in Tech: Speak with a Geek initiative

14 reasons why Brainstorming is ready for retirement now (65 years later)

What’s next in payments? Mike Cowen, Mastercard discusses digital payments, blockchain and more

Robots Podcast : Construction drilling, with Konrad Fagertun

How soft data and gut instinct can improve your decision making

Bullseye Breach, anatomy of an electronic break in. Reviewed

Saku Tuominen’s HundRED global education initiative, aiming to shake up global education

How GDPR is Set to Change Business for All of Us

The Future of Driving and the Boiling Frog

Gender-Busting Mobile: Three App Behaviors You Wouldn’t Expect from Men or Women

Built to grow by Royston Guest, reviewed

Irish and Israeli startup scenes may have more to offer each other than they realise. Insights from successful DLD 2016 Tel Aviv

Futureproof your Leadership – how to best prepare for the future as leaders

We focus on giving maximum value to founders and entrepreneurs, Marianne Vikkula, Slush CEO

You have the power, by Pat Falvey, reviewed

Essential Legal Checks for Emerging Tech Companies

Marketing tips with Emma D’Arcy, founder of The Marketing Success Summit

Can QA Testing Prevent The (Inevitable?) Robot Apocalypse?

Business needs reimagination, I want them to succeed not just survive. Bernard Flynn

Billion dollar insights with Divyank Turakhia

7 Ways to Kick Up Your Christmas Marketing

Harnessing the transformative power of technology to create a better, more inclusive world.

The joys of retro video gaming, GamerCon previewed

What Makes a Facebook Post Go Viral?

5 Reasons I’m Excited about Nokia’s Upcoming Android Phones

CONUL, a new vision for Ireland’s research libraries, Christopher Pressler

What is truth in a digital world? Ralph Echemendia, ethical hacker interviewed

Why should you love fintech evolution like we do?

The Idea Generator by Chris Thomason, reviewed

Developing better candles didn’t lead to the invention of the light bulb. Rainmaking Summit, Feb 1 , London

Finding unconventional business opportunities on the road to success, Jonha Richman

What drives us as companies and individuals to be creative?

Starbucks CEO Announces Retirement: Leadership Lessons

How to be a great leader, insights from Jan Rutherford, the littlest Green Beret

Why Experience Is Now the Difference Maker in Digital

How to grow your brand digitally, global branding expert, Robert Alexander, 360WiseMedia

Social Media is Evolution, how to do it right, tips and insights with Elise Quevedo

Launch of “The FINTECHBook Series”: The WealthTECH Book, The InsurTECH Book and The RegTECH Book

Soon we could be the far West to China’s global centre, Daniel Seal, unBound CEO

Timing counts for so much in business, Kevin Garber CEO of Manage Flitter

Robots Podcast TechBridgeWorld, with M. Bernardine Dias

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