Interesting interview with Michael Murtagh, Change Manager, Ericsson (Sweden). With a strong track-record in Lean and Agile software development, Michael Murtagh is charged with implementing a Commercial Release Management strategy in the Ericsson Group. He will be speaking at the breakfast briefing Dublin 8th December, “Getting Started with IT Transformation”, organised by Ammeon. Book tickets here. Michael will share how this global enterprise implements Agile, DevOps and Cloud transformation at scale, and the lessons learned along the way.

What is the role of a change manager?

My role title is very vague because the job differs depending on what needs to be achieved. It encapsulates building networks of expert practitioners, aligning areas that need to be aligned for a coherent company approach and deploying any subsequent changes throughout the organisation.

People don’t like change, so why do it?

Keep moving or die! Change is not an optional extra. In our current environment, successful organisations are structured to treat change as the ‘steady state’, not once off events every few years. The pace of change has never been this fast before – and will never be this slow again.

What are you hoping to achieve with this change?

At the moment, the focus within Ericsson is to move from a monolithic single approach to different ways of working, selling and delivering that suit individual business model needs.

Are there change models, patterns or rules to follow?

There are many different approaches to implementing change and you must tailor your approach to the change you are implementing. However, step 1 is to be very clear in how the proposed change is going to deliver your Business Strategy? You must have a very clear ‘Why’
An organisation can cope with any ‘How’ if the ‘Why’ is strong enough.

How long does change take? does it end?

Change needs to be continuous if an organisation is to stay competitive. There is always a better way to do things.

What happens if your organization doesn’t change or fails to make changes quickly?

The competitive environment will naturally lead you to lose your position within the market.

Ammeon Breakfast briefing how Agile, DevOps and Cloud work, Dublin 8th December

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