Breakfast briefing Dublin 8th December, “Getting Started with IT Transformation”, organised by Ammeon. Learn how Agile, DevOps and Cloud work together to reduce inefficiencies and speed the delivery of critical services, and advice on getting started. Book tickets here.

Giving IT Executives a Head-Start with Agile, DevOps and Cloud Adoption

Change is the natural order of business and that is exciting and scary in equal measure. According to Professor Richard Foster (Yale University), the average lifespan of leading US companies dropped by more than 50 years in the last century. And by 2020, more than three quarters of the top 500 companies will be ones we have not heard of yet. So what’s going on? Many traditional companies are being disrupted by faster, more agile new comers. Think Netflix/Broadcasting, WhatsApp/Telecoms, Uber/Taxis and China’s Wechat/Banking.

During the 1970s and the 1980s, new technology products and features required between one and five years to develop and deploy. By 2010, the introduction of DevOps practices and Cloud computing saw features (or even entire start-ups) being created in weeks. Now, new entrants can deploy hundreds or even thousands times a day. This has resulted in unprecedented levels of innovation but for those that can’t keep up, it poses serious competitive threat.

Companies need a strategy to arrive at a future where they are relevant and still in business. Many believe, that in this rapidly changing landscape, IT transformation is the road to survival – and that Agile, DevOps and Cloud are the vehicles to success.

Speakers include Michael Murtagh, Change Manager, Ericsson (Sweden). With a strong track-record in Lean and Agile software development, Michael Murtagh is charged with implementing a Commercial Release Management strategy in the Ericsson Group. At the briefing he will share how this global enterprise implements Agile, DevOps and Cloud transformation at scale, including the lessons learned along the way. Michael will be joined by Ammeon’s Head of Strategy, Sean Finlay and Head of Consulting, Dave Anderson

The event will take place at the Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre (Dublin 2) and is free to attend for IT executives. Register here:

Headquartered in Dublin, Ammeon is a services and solutions company that helps enterprises use emerging technologies. They market their consulting and systems integration services to organisations interested in using Agile, DevOps and Cloud computing.

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