By @SimonCocking, interesting interview with jason boud Startup CEO , Advisor , FinTech Mentor/Investor . See more here.

What is your background?

My background has always been in IT, mostly working within Financial Services. However since the early part of my career, I was always interested in the business problem that was being solved by the application of technology. My first real encounter with this was building 3 tier web architecture for a bank during the Dot Com days and some years later becoming a product manager within another bank. I like to look at problems and find a strategy to solve them, so a logical extension was to work with innovative startup companies which I have done over the last decade before starting my own in 2013.

Was it a logical progression to what you do now?

I am a startup CEO, but I keep one foot firmly in the Financial services customer camp. My current company (Beyond Enterprise) was formed with the notion that a sea change is about to happen in the way technology is applied to Financial Services. Starting a profitable consulting company from scratch has been really tough but fun and very rewarding, the logical progression is to move into product. I am also looking to develop my startup advisory career. I have a fairly big network and have augmented my technical skills with regulatory knowledge, sales and commercial capability over the last 5 years – I think revenue and sales is often overlooked by startup companies.


You have a lot of interests, what is a typical day like, and how do you balance it all?

There isn’t a typical day, the only static is juggle. In September this year I decided to increase my involvement in the accelerator programs I am involved with and I heavily involved in the Fin Tech Innovation Lab interviews and the 2017 program. It’s a lot of fun meeting new companies.

Looking back over your career to date is there anything you’d do differently?

I wish I had the nerve to start my own company sooner. It’s hard to maintain 18 hour days these days ! Also I wish I worked harder at building my network in the middle phase of my career.

What are the most common tips you give to startups as a mentor?

Solve a real problem and get to know the people that have that problem really well. They might be advisors, customers, advocates or hopefully all 3 one day. The other advice is “make time to play it forward” , connections to people are the most valuable. Create them for others and they will do so in return.

What tips would you give to companies looking to raise investment?

Have many different types of pitch ready at a moments notice, 15 seconds to 20 minutes. May sure everyone in the company knows the 15 second pitch and believes in it. Also don’t be afraid to show your passion and personality. I always remember the first time I heard Aneesh Varma or Aire pitch, it left a big impression on me.

What tech trends are you excited by?

My interested are wide ranging, I’m excited when technology offers the opportunity for convergence . In the way the phone, PDA and music player was converged into 1 in the last decade , advances in many technology offer this opportunity in the enterprise. Obviously the cloud, social and digital is changing everything – it’s an exciting time to be alive, but we are only seeing the start.

What are you writing about at the moment?

I’m really interested in how startups are being labelled, the stage and what they do. I think it’s very adhoc and a bit confusing . I’m writing about my experiences in reviewing over 200 startups and doing some data visualization to try and spot some trends. I am also writing about RegTech, an area that I have been working in for the last 3 years.

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