By @SimonCocking. #Slush16 has been interesting, good insights, smart industry leaders, and all in close proximity. Just have to navigate around the local desire to have a sauna at every opportunity. Meanwhile the weekend rolls around again, and here are some interesting articles you may have missed. If you’d like us to feature you business drop us a line here [email protected] thanks as always for reading.

Women Entrepreneurs get Investor Ready! Anne Ravanona, InvestHer founder, speaking at National Digital Week

Dublin has a growing innovation and fintech ecosystem, Regina C. Sullivan Fidelity International

Disruption and innovation in the Irish health system, by Richard Corbridge

From Bricks to Clicks by Christer Holloman

The Truth About Demo Stands At Events, guest post from Dmitri Sarle, ArcticStartup

Robots Podcast Ladybird, with James Underwood from Australian Centre for Field Robotics

It’s all so boring! How collaborative problem-solving can breathe new life into business

You never know where an idea will go! Startup insights from Callum Donnelly, National Digital Week co-organiser

Are apps Paving the Way for Artificial Intelligence ?

Moths, Unicorns, Cockroaches, Children: Raising the Bar, Not the Floor

Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott, reviewed

Climate Change Will the Big Boys please stand up please!

Have a clear plan for both growth and unit economics, Henry Joseph-Grant, speaking at National Digital Week


How to hack Web Summit 2016, guest post by Pepipost

Help each other, because nothing beats sharing, Ben Verwaayen, Keen Venture Partners, speaking at National Digital Week

Ferdi Roberts interviewed, founder of GamerCon, coming to Ireland March 18th / 19th, 2017

Cork is thriving place for Tech, Grainne Bagnall, Sense About Maths founder speaking at National Digital Week

Emojis will make you smarter! Smiley faces, cognitive understanding and the future of AI.

Don’t miss the closest full supermoon of the century

Web Summit begins, 21 interesting companies and people to look out for

Data breaches are serious! Greg Scott’s Bullseye Breach aims to deliver a page turner to demonstrate this

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