Great guest post from the Pepipost guys who we recently featured here, and who also had this to say about our guide to the Web Summit.

“Simon has penned an amazing experience which can educate and enlighten many to do the right thing at Web-Summit. This  book is for everyone who wants to attend the event, for speakers, for sponsors, for startups. It has pragmatic ideas and new fundamentals to crack any event not just web-summit. One can also call it a step by step guide to help them at the Web-summit. Very useful for start-ups as they can make best use of these tips to avoid unplanned horrors. The meticulous details are eye openers to some fundamental mistakes one tend to make repeatedly at such events. “

How to Crack the Web Summit 2016: Practical Tips & Advice from Attendees by Simon Cocking book review

Like NASDAQ puts is, “Web Summit 2016 is where “a quarter of a trillion dollar worth of private internet companies gather in one room.”

50,000 attendees. 165 Countries. 15,000 Companies.
If the numbers were anything to by, the Web Summit is the perfect opportunity for tech companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to get discovered by world’s leading investors and to be heard by the most influential media.

Pepipost attended last year’s Web Summit at Dublin as Alpha Startup and it was a big win for us. We got more than 200 international clients and were able to scale our business globally. A little preparation can make your business too stand out in the crowd. Here are a few tips and hacks to crack the biggest technology conference of the year.

Whether you are going to the Web Summit to build contacts or for investor hunting or looking for your first set of customers, getting attention is the key. These tips and hacks are worth a try for getting some free coverage in online/offline media. Hope the event will be a great success for you all!

Business Showcase : Pepipost

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