November is now upon us and that means one thing, the Web Summit is just around the corner, starting on Monday and ending next Thursday. The Web Summit has  grown each year and this year over fifty thousand people are expected to attend it in its new home in Lisbon. With an event that is growing bigger each year, how can you make sure that your time at the Web Summit is not wasted? Our own Simon Cocking has provided the answer with his eBook How to Crack the Web Summit.

Rather than just rely on his own experiences of the Web Summit, Simon shares valuable insights from top business people, people who have spoken at it, journalists who have attended previous Web Summit’s and also Paddy Cosgrave. These valuable insights will help you plan your Web summit as there is so much to see and do, and you can’t afford to waste your time running from pillar to post.

One of the biggest bug bears at previous Web Summit’s has been WiFi and the lack of it at certain times, especially if you are doing a presentation or demoing. Simon has various solutions to help you get around this and also be one step ahead of your competitors. If you have managed to get around the WiFi issues that may occur, how do you get noticed and how do you get people to stop at your stand? Simon has that covered too as he gives great tips on this and the valuable insights I mentioned earlier will also come in to play.

Of course you also have to plan how you are going to manage your time at the Web Summit, what talks do I attend? Should I attend the Night Summit? Who should I try and meet? Is the Web Summit App worth using? How can I use Social Media to my advantage? How do I meet potential investors? These questions and more are answered providing you with a comprehensive to do list which you can cherry pick from.

The main beauty of Simon’s book is that can be downloaded on your, Kindle, laptop, smartphone and tablet making it easier to carry and read.  So if you are attending this year’s Web Summit, this book is a must read. It will help you have a great Web Summit and provide you with tips on how to connect with investors and potential clients.

The eBook is available to download now for Kindle from Amazon and in ePub and PDF on

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