The Internet-of-Value conference at the University of Cambridge calls the most important global specialists and investors in intangible assets and non-financial value to discuss blockchain technologies and their applications to do good. Speakers include Shaykh Siddiqi  who is preparing to launch a global Islamic currency, and Chandler Guo – one of the largest cryptocurrency miners and angel investors in the world.

 The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance, the world’s leading Think Thank in the Movement of Value, earlier  announced the official launch of Blockchain Alliance for Good (Bisgit.IoV) at the international conference which will be held on 11th November at the University of Cambridge. Serving as a free membership organisation aimed at boosting the usage of blockchain technology to generate good social and environmental solutions, Bisgit.IoV unites blockchain enthusiasts in all sectors and provides them with a springboard for “good” innovations. Blockchain is most known as the technology behind bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Led by Barbara Mellish, a former senior banker, “InternetofValue Blockchain Alliance for Good promotes Total Value exchange which will revolutionise the social sector. Total Value captures brand value, provenance, supply chain slavery and other intangible non-financial assets. Blockchain allows us to transact value based on our values”.

The Cambridge international conference will focus on the philosophical elements of distributed ledger technology and their applications in various sectors for good outcomes. The Internet-of-Value holds the possibility to fully transact value in all its forms, tangible and intangible; this could include the emotional value and the ethical value of transactions. The conference aim is to explore the progressive debate on the Internet-of-Value and then promote and drive forward the enlightened ideas and outcomes. The establishment of the IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good will allow the organisation to broaden and strengthen crucial partnerships.

Major speakers will include Chandler Guo, an Angel investor in Bitcoin and

Ethereum Startups, will bring his Bitbank to UK to share the mining secrets in Cambridge. Based in China, Bitbank is one of the biggest bitcoin mines in the world, where “up to $8m in digital currency is generated per year by solving complicated mathematical algorithms with computers”, BBC sources said.

As a senior representative of the Islamic world, Shaykh Siddiqi will speak on the Blockchain technology and the concept of civic, social and corporate responsibility. Aiming to initially transact amongst 500 million Muslims, the currency will attribute good Islamic beliefs and practices with rewards that can be exchanged both through a loyalty scheme as well as exchanged with normal FIAT currencies.

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance head of Financial Inclusion will support, through Ashish Gadnis, the IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good with applications of digital currency to improve the life of refugees and people living in extreme poverty. Jerry Crossfield, COO of L3C Limited, will discuss some of the potential use cases of Blockchain beyond the typical Bitcoin example and will attempt to demystify for the audience. Other questions to be posed include “How can we ensure that the database for the world computer is governed effectively, and how can this emerging world computer help creators take back control of their intellectual property?” led by Greg McMullen, Director of the Interplanetary Database Foundation. More topics will be presented from other leading speakers including Dr Catherine Mulligan, Co-Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research, Mukhtar Mussabetov, FinTech & Blockchain Evangelist, and Professor John Domingue of the Open University Knowledge Media Insitute.

The speakers at this event will be included in an academic book to be published in 2017 on Internet of Value. The conference debates will also be included in our regular journal , Social Values and Intangibles Review.

So what makes this event different?  Barbara Mellish said, “Our values have value,  we can now digitise that worth and will soon be using it to transact within our communities.  Wherever there is a community with a common belief or purpose, we see the opportunity to unite them, articulated through their own currency;  for example, for religions, cities, political aspirations and allegiance, environment groups and many others.  It’s not just transaction of their money, but demonstration of their values”.


Conference Website:


About IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good

Internet-of-Value Blockchain Initiative for Socially Good Integrated Transactions (Bisgit.Iov) can be found at Official hashtag of the Alliance is #goodistrending.


About Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), is the leading open source international Think Tank on the Movement of Value. With over 50,000 members, including 7000 of the largest companies in the world and 2000 politicians, CCEG has over 100 commissions at   and over 10 SaaS platforms at Seratio. CCEG’s blockchain focus is around the building of Phronesis World, with more detail of real world applications in Phronesis II (prezi, video).  In October they released their whitepaper Seratio Blockchain:  Currency of Intangible NonFinancial Value.

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