By @SimonCocking. Fintech insights with Regina C. Sullivan, Head of Global Business Operations at Fidelity International, sponsors of the upcoming Fintech 20 Ireland event (final few ticket available here).

Thanks your involvement in the Fintech 20 Ireland panel, what inspired Fidelity International to get involved?

Dublin has a growing innovation and technology ecosystem. Combine this with Fidelity International’s presence in Dublin (we’ve been here since 2000) and our history of innovation to deliver better outcomes for our customers, then it seemed natural for us to support the Fintech 20. We are excited about being involved.

Fintech 20 Ireland event, November 24th, meet Ireland’s top Fintech talent, tickets available

What’s your role at Fidelity International? How significant is / will Fintech innovation be for you?

As Head of Global Business Operations my role is to look at the best and most efficient way in which we run our operational functions so we can service the business in the optimal way possible. First and foremost this allows us to deliver the best outcome for our customers and in turn it helps us to deliver on our overall business goals. The use of technology and innovation is central to doing this successfully now and in the future.

FinTech is pushing the envelope across much of our value chain from the potential around blockchain in the custody and settlement space, to automation and robotics.  In fact, we use automation and robotics already in some of our operational processes.  We believe it continues to provide greater client experiences and will continue to lead to better outcomes and services for customers.


Fidelity International has an ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering better experiences to clients. We continually assess and embrace FinTech solutions that enable our customers to build a better future.

I’m also Country Head of Ireland and take direct responsibility for our office in Dublin and the people who work from here. We collaborate with our team mates across the globe from Dalian to India to the UK and many places in between.  I also base myself here.

What tips would you give to Fintech companies looking to do well going forwards?

As FinTech companies continue to expand at a rapid pace, it can be all too easy to lose sight of what matters the most – the customer. It is important to always focus on the problem you are trying to solve for them.  When you create value for the customer, trust that you will find ways to capture that value across different business models.  Reach out to your process and operational counterparts, they know the process, you can help enable it for our clients!

What trends are you excited about in Fintech in general?

I’m excited about the space and opportunities for entrepreneurs and corporates to collaborate and build great technologies to solve industry problems either more efficiently or in a completely different way.

Whether FinTechs are enterprise solutions or direct consumer propositions, the collaboration across the entire ecosystem including corporates, academics, government and FinTechs will lead to innovative solutions that ultimately reach the market.  We at Fidelity International have a history of bringing innovative technology to the benefit of our customers; it is foundational to our culture.  We are excited about the opportunities to continue to build and strengthen this foundation.

What Fintech initiatives are Fidelity International supporting / working on?

Fidelity International is engaged across many fronts in the FinTech space from working with and mentoring start-ups to leveraging capabilities that help our customers build a better future. Across all of our businesses and operations we are always looking for ways, both internally and externally, to bring innovative solutions to our customers – multi-distributed ledger, greater use of AI and robotics to name a few areas.

Do you see any use cases where Fidelity International might be using blockchain in the near future? (If so which areas? If not, why not?)

The potential for blockchain has been a great catalyst for driving the conversation across the industry to find better and new ways of removing friction from processes, so that does interests us. We are excited about the potential that it and other technologies can play in the reduction of operational costs, shortened settlement time and the reduction of risk. All of which could help drive transparency and deliver better experiences and outcomes for our clients.

 What is the best way for people to find out more about Fidelity International? 

Visit our website here 

FinTech 20 Ireland : The long list is announced, 50 plus great Irish companies in the running

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