By @SimonCocking. Review of Greg Scott‘s  new novel Bullseye Breach. See interview with Greg here.

Data breaches are serious! Greg Scott’s Bullseye Breach aims to deliver a page turner to demonstrate this

This book is an interesting illustration of the idea that when you create a story around a point you are trying to communicate, you increase the ability to reach more people with the message you are trying to get across.

We asked Greg inspired him to write the book? He said “I’ve always wanted to write a book. And after being frustrated reading about data breach after data breach, and after being a credit card fraud victim myself, I decided to do something about it. I set out to write a security how-to book and illustrate my concepts with stories. Alice and Bob would have real personalities and characterizations. Somewhere in the process, the fiction took over and I decided the world already has plenty of great how-to advice.”

In this case it is particularly true, we know we should have more rigorous, and varied passwords, but the reality is that we don’t often do so. If nothing else you should be using non-alphanumeric characters (ie not just numbers and letters from the keyboard) as this will slow down, at least to some degree, the time it takes a hacker to crack your password. Itis important to know that there are ‘off the shelf’ password hacking programs, from John the Ripper to other much more sophisticated programs. You should know that straight forward passwords are on par with leaving the keys in the door for the burglars.

The book isn’t perfect, and at times some of the characters felt a little simple in their characterisation, but fortunately the story is strong enough to keep driving the narrative along. Scott is planning to write more books and you feel that they will get better and better, and potentially become the John Grisham of data security!

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