By @SimonCocking interview with Naiose from  @Retro_Gamer_Ireland Retro Video Game nerd with a love of nostalgia and all things gaming

What’s your background?

I started collecting retro video games around 2012. I had always been a into video games but went along with the times, getting the latest consoles that were released. One year my girlfriend bought me a Super Nintendo for my birthday and I was immediately hooked, starting out with just 2 games which were Super Mario Kart and Lemmings. Soon after getting the Snes I fished out my old Nintendo 64 with the a few surviving games and some old Game Boys which were hidden away in the attic. After that I couldn’t get enough of retro video games, playing through titles for various systems I had as a child and discovering new games I had never even heard of.

What do you do now in relation to gaming? Tell us more about your retro gaming interest? Why?

Retro gaming is different for a lot of people, for me retro gaming starts with the Nintendo Nes as this was the first console I played as a kid. When I started playing and collecting retro video games I was mainly looking to play the games I had as a child but I have ended up discovering so much more. There are thousands of games across so many systems and I love discovering new, old games to play.

What are your favourite games?

My favourite game of all is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Ocarina is the favourite of a lot of gamers and with good reason, the story, the gameplay, the soundtrack and at the time of its release the graphics were mind blowing. There are a lot of other fantastic games that I would consider to be in my top 10 list such as Pokemon Blue and Yellow for the Game Boy, Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 for the Nes, Super Mario World for the Snes and Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2. There are far too many great games to mention but these are just a few.

How do you share it with others / how is it going?

A few years ago I started an account on Instagram called @Retro_Gamer_Ireland which was dedicated to retro gaming. I thought Instagram was a great platform to use for sharing and I soon discovered a huge and very active retro gaming community online. Since then I have gotten to know retro gamers all over the world. I love finding out about other peoples collections and experiences with retro gaming and Instagram has introduced me to some amazing people with amazing collections. I have also gotten to know a lot of Irish retro gamers through Instagram, a lot of which I will be meeting in person for the first time at Gamer Con next year which I am really looking forward to. I have recently started to use WordPress as a way of blogging more in depth about retro gaming and I am really enjoy it so far.

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Who are you excited about at Gamer Con?

Gamer Con will have a lot of amazing guests which I am looking forward to seeing such as Nick Andrew, Little Carly and Little Kelly to name a few. I am also looking forward to meeting people in Ireland who are into retro gaming and gaming in general. The Retro Zone at Gamer Con will surely get the attention of a lot of gamers and I look forward to meeting as many as I can over the weekend.

Do you think we will see widespread AR / VR based games, or is not enough good content for them?

I don’t know a lot about AR/VR gaming at the moment but it seems like a bit step forward in gaming and I look forward to experiencing it soon.

What are you excited about for 2017?

The thing I am excited about for 2017 is Gamer Con, I have never experienced a gaming convention of its stature before so it is definitely what I am looking forward to the most, Also, being such a huge fan of Nintendo and The Legend Of Zelda, I am looking forward the Nintendo Switch and The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. From what I have read about and seen online, the Nintendo Switch and Breath of The Wild both look very impressive and I can’t wait to try them out for myself.

Anything you’d like to add / we should have asked?

That I am really looking forward to Gamer Con next year and getting to meet so many gamers under one roof. I hope everybody enjoys the Retro Zone as well as the rest of the con and I look forward to what will be a great event.




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