Software developers are some of the most creative and hardest working people in the technology industry, but you cannot get your next job when you are not prepared.  You need to do a lot of things that will make you more attractive to companies that could hire you.  QASymphony’s Rachel Kramer has a few ideas of how to stand out in a crowded field.  Most companies will not hire unless they think you have every qualification, and there are some things here you can do to make yourself look good.

  1. Take Classes

You need to take classes in other kinds of programming that you do not know, and you should take as many as possible in a short time.  You want to have as many certifications as you can get so that you can say you know all the things that any one company could want.  They will look over every certification, and you can get more while you are working.

  1. Work As Much As You Can

Having a broad work experience will help because companies want to know that you can work in many arenas and be successful.  They are interested in seeing you doing diverse work because that tells them that you can adapt to what they do.  Anyone who does any less is not getting hired because their work experience is just not broad enough to make it worth their while to hire you.

  1. Work On Your Own Stuff

You need to have your own projects that you can show a future employer and say that you did yourself.  You want them to know that you did all that work, and you want them to get interested in what you are doing.  Anything less than this is a waste of time because they will think that you are not interested in thinking outside the box.  You will teach them that you are ambitious, and you will teach them that you have better things to do than only the bare minimum of the work that is required for the job.

  1. Make Connections

A company that knows you have connections is more likely to hire you when they know that you can get other people to work with them.  They are happy to work with you because they think you can get them other talent.  The talent is only one thing you give them.  You give them someone who knows how to make new connections in the future that will do something for them.  You need to start networking today if you ever want to be in a position where a company will hire based just on this skill.

  1. Work With Others

You need to do work with others that shows you can collaborate.  Anyone who is not capable of collaborating will not be hired because the company will think you are not willing to work with people.  You have to show that you will work with people because you are interested in their ideas, and that also shows that you will take the ideas at the company and make them into something special.  You are not a good hire if you sit around and do your own thing all the time.

  1. Be Stable

The company wants you to be stable.  Someone who moves around a lot is not a good employee because they will wonder when you are going to leave.  They want you there in their office, and they want to see you every day giving the effort that they think they deserve.  You can show them that you are stable by making roots in the city, or you can talk to them about how you plan to stay with the company even if you work remotely.

  1. Work With Large Companies

Getting a job with a larger company before moving to a startup or other kind of programmer will be good on your resume because these companies want to know that you can work with their competition.  They want to see you putting in the most effort, and they want to hear that you have done good work on projects that were already established.  You are showing that you know how to make the software you are planning to work, and you are not a cookie cutter person who only has one goal.

  1. Run a website

The website that you run should look really good, and it should be an example of how good you are at your job.  You want to send your employer to the site because it excites you, and you need to show them how you have created a world for yourself that has nothing to do with their business.  They will be intrigued by what you have done without them, and they will know that you have a life outside the office.  The work life balance is important, and it prevents them from getting a work hound who never leaves.

  1. Get Along

You need to look like someone who can go out for drinks after work.  The people in the office want to get to know you, and your teamwork will be much better if you are an amiable person who will get along with everyone.  You might not think your personality plays into it, but it is a big thing for the company when they are talking to you about doing work that affects how they make money.


  1. Be Calm

You need to interview with someone in a style that makes you look calm.  You have to prove that you can make the right choices at the right times, and that only happens if you are good under pressure.  Your interview says a lot about you, but that demeanor has to spill over into your work.  Someone who hires you based on your personality wants to see that same attitude on the first day of work.

Try each of these ten things, and you will have people reading your resume more often.  You are making yourself look interesting to potential employers, and they will want to know more about you.

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