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Twitter, the greatest ever live music promotion tool. MCHammer, rapper, tech investor, innovator in 360WiseNetwork partnership

How are you! How has 2016 been?

I’m doing great Simon I see twitter finally verified your account, it’s always great to hear from you

(ed, we’ve been verified for ages #2legit2quit! LOL 🙂 ) 

2016 has a been a remarkable year for myself and the 360WISE NETWORK.

What were your big wins?

We made great strides and business relationships with Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds along with being recognized in the “Onalytica” Top 100 Brands in the World for marketing in their 2016 publication and last but not least another big win is our partnership with the (AP) Associated Press.

How did the partnership with MCHammer go?

Well that’s a global question ha..ha..ha. Our relationship is beyond partnership, that’s family!! If we aren’t eating vegan while joking about the Oakland Radiers and GoldenState, we are on the phone playing chess on the Next Move. One thing is for sure MCHammer is in fully “GO” mode , many things are happening behind the scene that I’m not privileged to discuss , but the world will definitely see “DaPlug” MCHammer 2017.

What else worked well for you this year?

Building more business relationships , connecting more clients and successfully testing the automotive industry through social media.

Anything you’d do differently?


What tips would you give to people looking to grow their brand digitally?

Call 1-844-360-WISE (9473) no I’m serious … dial that number NOW, hahahah 🙂

Simon we both know that its a lot of hard work and coffee, but on the other hand the one whom works the hardest and stays dedicated to his or her vision win’s.

How important is it to be digitally responsive these days?

It is very important because technology has created a new force on how the world turns. In December 2000 the USA was forced into a physical election recount, fast forward 16 years later, Dec 2016 the USA is fighting over Fake SocialMedia news that may or may not have had a direct reflection on the President Elect. No matter how we look at the situation the entire presidential election was responsive through rigorous social media (PR) public relations. These examples include video technology which is becoming the digital norm and the unfortunate attention spans of the mass public are becoming smaller and smaller which means emotion ( digital media ) must hit the core faster.

Do you need a different strategy for the US / Europe / Asia etc?

You need a strategy for every time zone and demographic. If your product or service is a necessity or discretionary good the income of that demographic and the social media channels you use will determine a successful campaign based on geographical income. Trending Keywords and Hashtags differ in Europe, Asia and the USA just as well as Instagram , Facebook and Twitter are used differently as a Mass Media Hub. The Art Of War is strategic assessment, and social media is a never ending online relationship / conversation if you foster and network properly.

What trends are you excited about in digital marketing?

I am really excited about how the video technology has transformed the marketplace . This 360 Degree View Video technology will takeover by the middle of 2017 taking Brand and consumer engagement to the next level.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Q: Why hasn’t Twitter Verified the @Iam360Wise account yet Robert?

A: We have no clue Simon but just like @MCHammer said All Eyes On #360WISE so we are Verified beyond the blue check mark.

Whats more important for the 360WISE Brand right now is the “creation of employment opportunities.” One thing is for sure , in 2017 we will be opening another office in Oakland,California, 19 minutes away from (Twitter) the house that @JAKE Built …..pass the Perrier 🙂 .

Don’t buy fake followers! Advice from 360wise, Social Media Specialist and Hiphop recording artist

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