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Delighted to bring you another exclusive from Miami, Florida with Robert Alexander, CEO of 360Wise, who we chatted to earlier this year for one of our most successful interviews of 2015. This time he tells us about his latest exciting collaboration with the original rap tech innovator and investor MCHammer.


How did you get to know MCHAMMER?

In January 2014 I followed MCHammer and he  followed back on twitter. One month later I was interviewing MCHammer on a radio show I ran called MilitantMindedRadio. We have been conversing on and off line about music, technology and politics. In December 2015 he told me I was ready for the next level and endorsed my brand.

“I Support Robert “360Wise” Alexander and his 360WiseNetwork marketing presence delivering content and visibility from all angles for all markets”

said rapper and entrepreneur Stanley Kirk “MCHAMMER” Burrell

Why is MCHammer a great person to linkup with?

MCHammer is, on all levels, a chess player when it comes to business. I was blown away to find out MCHammer had his hand in fiber optics and technology at the same time as making music. He sits many major boards here, in music, tech, coding, politics, and advocacy among others. I could not have asked for such a huge endorsement and, outside of business,  he is a family man and positive role model. This is a blessing in all three hundred and sixty degrees of knowledge and relationship life achievements.

You have made great strides in 2015, what are your plans for 2016?

Well lets put it this way MCHammer says the #StreetsIsReady, and my whole team at The 360WiseNetwork feels the same.

Why did you chose to work with MCHammer and why did he decide to endorse the 360Wise brand?

Looking at MCHammer’s body of work, and I’m not speaking about music, I’m speaking about a whole lot more: technology, coding incubators, fashion legend, motivational speaker, sports management CEO, tech investor, Twitter superstar, Silicon Valley insider, and activism. Three presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama invited him to the White House, as well as a member of UC Merced Foundation Board of Trustees, co-creator and executive head of, social media adviser to Flipboard, CEO of Alchemist Management sports-management firm. He is also an investor in tech companies, including Square in San Francisco and a motivational speaker for clients, including the San Francisco 49ers. Founder of Hammer Channel in Oakland, an entertainment and social media enterprise TV and radio guest and pundit, and, last but not least, a family man with over 25 years under his belt.

Heck its not “Why did I chose to work with MCHammer!?” The real Question is “What did I do in this life time or the past “ to get scooped up and placed under the wing of an ICON!

Why did he decide to work with the 360WiseNetwork?

He regularly speaks at places like Harvard and Stanford, and has a great deal to share about building a business empire. He also spends time with young CEOs to help them start businesses.

MCHammer was one of the first celebrities to join Twitter. In fact, he is one of the first celebrities to really push the power of Twitter. He sat across from Twitter founders Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, Conway said, and asked

“do you know what you have here?”

Hammer explained that within five years, artists would use Twitter to build audiences, advertise concerts and even sell tickets. The fans could vote on playlists, he said, and then the musicians could collaborate with them before and after the shows.

“It’s basically the greatest tool for live music promotion that’s ever been invented,” Conway said Hammer told them.

MCHammer can see what we are doing because he was one of the first on twitter to do this himself with about 40 to 50 tweets a day. He has been vocal in supporting what we do.

“I Support Robert “360Wise” Alexander and his 360WiseNetwork Marketing Presence Delivering Content and Visibility from all Angles For All Markets”

Rapper and entrepreneur Stanley Kirk “MCHAMMER” Burrell

How will this help other people?

With the continued additions of new brands, and artists and small businesses jumping on social media, Twitter in particular. There has been a void of influential marketing companies on deck with diversity being the main ingredient of influence. We have the ability of getting your VOICE heard and brand seen by all the right people based on our established reputation of being unbiased, transparent and relationship orientated within the marketplace.

Social media is a great “tool of empowerment” so people can immediately mold and control the message that goes out to the world, whether its political, personal, business related or artistic.

See our video here

When does it launch?

We are already in motion


How do people find out more?

Our campaigns are scaled on a client’s needs, time frame and goal. More information with a free consultation can be found here.

More about the 360WiseNetwork

Social media strategy and marketing consultancy focusing on helping clients create and extend their product and brand strategies by building virally engaging marketing solutions

How does it perform?

The 360WiseNetwork is in the top 1% globally for Social Media Marketing. We utilize our expanded network reach of cultivated relationships of all markets on all social media platforms and accessible media outlets, driving diversified content expanding the reach and visibility of brands, artists, activists and fans alike.

For those too young to know MCHammer in his prime, here he is, in a video with almost 200 million views on youtube.

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