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Great fun to interview Robert Alexander President/CEO of 360Wise, Iam360WISE Top 1% Social Media Specialist  1-844-360-WISE ext#9


How was 2014, what went well?

2014 was great Simon. It gave me 12 months of watching the direction of In-Channel marketing and how important it is to plan ahead of the marketing curve , everything went smooth we “360WiseNetwork” made huge inroads with Celebrities in the HipHop genre. We are here now 2015.

Anything you’d do differently?

Absolutely Not . Every past step was strategic assessment.

Plans for 2015 and the future?

The Take-over is in process from this date on out . We are already planing for 2017.

Our buddy lives in Miami – tell us why it’s a great place to live!?

I love the Palm trees, beaches and the culture melting pot. South Florida is tropical paradise

What’s your background, what led you into what you are now doing?

I come from the Banking and Insurance Industries, which are two of the biggest inc platforms in the US.

You have a great following in twitter, is this part of how you do business (guessing yes) – how has it helped you?

Besides personal referred accounts , twitter has been key to cultivating business relationships around the globe.

How much time does it take to stay on top of your social media digital footprint? Where else are you active as well as twitter?

Social Media does not sleep and nether do we, its the only way to carve your own lane in this Jetson like environment. We also run multiple Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Marketing, who do you follow / like what they do; Neil Patel, Tyrant, Ted Rubin, none of the above or others?

I just sip coffee , take a glimpse at Forbes, Entrepreneur and keep my ears to the grind stone. 🙂

Top tips to companies trying to do well on social media?

Rule #1 Don’t buy any FAKE Followers  #2  Don’t buy any followers #3 Do your homework

Not all companies are convinced of the value on inbound marketing, and having an online strategy – do you spend time articulating why there is value, or just focus on those that want to develop one?

We do not waste any time explaining the importance of strategy. One day they will wakeup and realize that there is not “ONE” phone booth out side and cars are Flying , and jewelry is Technology lol.  We stay focus on those who understand the importance of this new matrix.

You are a recording artist – who do you love to listen to, and send us a link to some of your music!

Yes I’m a recording artist   thats one of many links and I love All Music .

As a big user of social media, how do you manage life / work, and online / offline balance?

It is not easy lol . My wife understands the importance of putting in the work.

Anything else to add / we should have asked you?

Thanks for having me Simon and we just opened up a spot for your content, You have the Pen We Have The Push. Looking forward to hearing from you .



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