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What is your background briefly?

I have 20 years experience in Network & Internet Marketing, Retail, Recruitment & Motivational/Transformational speaking. You could say I was a bit of a ‘jack of all trades’ as a youngster as I had a big thirst for knowledge and would work up to 80-90 hour weeks to learn different skills in various jobs before settling into what I loved the most.

Does it seem a logical path to where you are now?

If you had asked me that 5 years ago I would have said no, but since then it has all been very organic. After writing a book on personal development and not being known I delved into the Social Media World to see how I could improve my online presence and I simply fell in love with it. I started applying strategies to myself, then people would ask me to help them with their accounts, that in turn took me to working with some amazing people and speaking around the world. Now I eat, breathe & sleep Social Media. It’s hard for me not to go to sleep without my cell next to me!

Where are you based now, how do you balance the 3 countries?

Although based mainly out of the UK, I do get to travel a lot. It’s the beauty of working remotely and not having to go to an office every day. I can work from anywhere there is an internet connection, so balancing different countries has become second nature. I got to spend most of the summer in sunny Spain whilst still working which is not something you can do on a 9-5.

After having worked at a busy airport for nearly 13 years I guess I had enough of being confined to one place. I would always travel somewhere on my days off, now I am always on what we call workation! I have also been very fortunate to speak in countries such as Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, Cyprus,Russia Greece, USA, Canada and a few more. That I never take for granted.

It is one of the reasons why I love what I do. My love for travel is a perfect combination with my trade. I still remember when one of my first ever Social Media clients flew me over to Dubai for a few days. I thought to myself, “I can get used to this!”, so I vowed myself to keep on learning so that I would be able to have that level of clientele again.

What do you love about social media? What are your favourite Social Media platforms?

It is an never ending evolving world and it’s not going anywhere! So I know there will always be individuals and businesses out there who will require my consulting services. Although the tools and platforms may shift, the cultural change of Social Media started by Facebook more than a decade ago, is going nowhere.

Social Media is Evolution. Love it or Hate it, if used correctly it can be a great tool for visibility & credibility when it comes to people that don’t know you.

As to what is my favourite, I would have to say Twitter, at the end of the day we would not be doing this interview if it wasn’t for Twitter right?!

Each platform has its purpose and functionality. I am a big believe in having a presence on as many as possible but only being active on the ones you get the more activity from which not all platforms work the same for each industry.

I like Twitter because it’s fast, quick and can get an initial feel of who someone is, when I want to know more I then head over to LinkedIn and if I want to see how someone sounds, I head to YouTube. It is all about crosspathing the platforms and understanding the psychology behind each of them.

Tone of voice is also important, so what you may be able to get away with on Twitter or Instagram, you may not on Linked In and vice versa.

How fast do you feel it is changing? How is it changing the way we do business?

Lately not as fast. But it is evolving.And by that I mean I would say between 2012-14 there the new platforms were growing fast and settling in, there were buyouts,etc. Now the big names are set like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. What they are now doing is evolve , grow and add new features to remain current and supply the demand that arises.

Social Media has changed the way we do business in a very big way. I still remember when Hertz car rental became one of the first companies to offer Social Media live customer service via Twitter, it was all over the news, then shortly after other car companies had to match that, then credit cards like Capital One started doing it, then the rest. Now even banks use platforms like whatsapp to help customers.

Even myself, I use Whatsapp and Twitter customer service for my cell service, banks, electric, it is a much more convenient way of communicating without having to wait forever on a phone call.

Bottom line is that a business can thrive and be successful without Social Media, anyone who says ‘ OMG you have to be on this platform,blah blah blah’ is just trying to sell you a service. The difference is that if you also use Social Media it will take you from A to B Faster. It’s like having a choice of using let’s say a Toyota vs a Ferrari. Both will take you to the destination, but the Ferrari will do it much faster.

In a world where we are competing with many in our field, being on social media helps you be visible and people can checkout what people are saying about you. As an example I use my testimonial videos as compilations of feedback received on Twitter/Facebook from all over the world so that people can see what others say about me. It’s not just about promoting yourself online, but getting that peer to peer recommendation online.

Many businesses have increased their sales thanks to Social Media as they are able to reach people all over the world at the click of a button. As mentioned earlier, love it or hate it, since this movement is not going anywhere, you might as well jump on it! Just make sure you have the right people creating your strategies and managing your accounts. That is paramount on this industry.

How do you advise your clients to discover which platform is right for them?

It is all trial and error to be honest although some clients depending on the field are easier than others. As an example, anyone in the Entertainment Industry, platforms like Twitter/Facebook/Instagram is better for them vs Linked In.

Corporate people must be active on Linked In and interact within the platform vs FB/Twitter.

Fashion & Cooking do very well on Pinterest for example as the audience is 90% women.

It’s all about understanding what the client wants. Do they just want visibility? Do they want to get credibility? Are the promoting products? Do they want to grow their database? Once I know that I am able to create a better plan of action for them.

Although the one advice I always give which applies to 95% of all fields is to do videos!! Sharing videos of who you are, what your company represents is powerful. You get to feel the passion of the person behind the product, you get to listen to the story instead of just reading it.

No matter what platform you use, people must be able to feel you, get the story of who you as an individual or brand are. There is nothing more powerful that understanding the beginnings or something.

Sometimes I work with clients who have forgotten that simple key element. Just because we are online it doesn’t make us less human. I come across many platforms that sound too robotic and they wonder why Social Media does not work. Hence understanding why you are using a platform. Being flexible and adaptable is key.

How do you balance online / offline, work / life?

I find it easy because of the flexibility of my work. I can still go hang out with my friends and be doing some work on my way to see them or on my way back home as I can use my cellphone.

I also make sure I schedule time for me. Having ‘Elise time’ to listen to music, meditate, go for a walk is important. When you spend as much time as I do staring at screens, making time to switch off is important.

The work I do is an extension of my life, I get so passionate about it that I don’t even consider it work anyway. It’s part of my life so I simply plan ahead to make sure I get to enjoy what this planet has to offer.

How was 2016?

In one word, “SuperMegaFantabulous!” I got to work with some amazing brands and met some pretty amazing people. Although I live online 24/7 I do like to switch off and spend time with friends face to face! We need to take a moment once in a while and enjoy the outdoors and remember is not all about staying glued to our devices! An advice I need to remind to myself once in a while! Having grown up without technology or internet until my late teens I still appreciate the old skool way of doing things

What are you excited about for 2017?

I am excited for any new ventures that might come my way. I am big believer in embracing each opportunity that comes my way and each new client that I get to work with. I will also be launching two new books in 2017, so that is going to be fun! I shall update you when they are live!

Life is too short, so I make the most out of each second that I am on this planet

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Embrace Social Media! We live in a digital world that is forever changing and although it can be overwhelming at times, it can be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

I always ask, “What’s your passion?” Find something you are passionate about and become the best you possibly can be at it. We all have skills, learn to maximize them to their true potential then share that with the world via Social Media!

When you do what you love, sharing that will become second nature and will not sound forced. The main key is to take action on any advice given. As I always say, it doesn’t matter what we have done up until now, as it’s past, it is what we do from now that matters.

Each day gives us the opportunity to press the reset button of life and start all over! It applies to Social Media too! Each day you can start a new campaign, a new plan, a new platform.

In a forever growing digital online world, it’s never too late to start.

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