By @SimonCocking. Review of latest book by Pat Falvey Explorer – International Author – Filmmaker -Entrepreneur – Inspirational Speaker. Available here

In You Have The Power Pat Falvey shares the lessons he has learned first hand as an entrepreneur and adventurer about exploring the mindset you need to realise your dreams and become the person you are capable of becoming. He details how to explore and manage your mindset so that it is your friend and ally, enabling you to live your best life.

We caught up most recently with Pat at TEDx Wexford where we were privileged to share the stage with him. As you may know he has had an interesting life, and you can get a sense of this from his most recent TEDx talk that he gave in September.

This book goes into greater detail about the challenges he has faced, with a strong emphasis on how you can learn from both his own experiences and similar ones in your own life to go on and actually achieve the things that you want to. It’s written in a structured and bit sized way. The personal anecdotes and shared experiences help to ensure that it is more than just a series motivational statements. That said there are moments which do help to give you good nuggets to ponder in terms of how to deal with your own personal challenges.

There are some moments too where he reflects on where he did pursue things in too single minded a fashion and the cost that it had on his relationship with his family. This book manages to tread the right line between going for your dreams, with useful, practical advice, at the same time as not doing so at the cost of hurting other people or their aspirations too. If you’re looking for something to inspire someone else, (or yourself) as a stocking filler this could be a good option this Christmas.

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