By @SimonCocking. Interview with Seán Finlay, Ammeon’s Head of Propositions, with responsibility for developing the company’s Lean-Agile Services Offerings. There will be a Breakfast briefing on Dublin 8th December, “Getting Started with IT Transformation”. Learn how Agile, DevOps and Cloud work together to reduce inefficiencies and speed delivery of critical services, with advice on getting started. Book tickets here.

Picture Deloitte Fast 50 Awards 2016 are (L – R) Ammeon’s Sean Finlay, Head of Consulting and Mel Sheehan, Head of Professional Services

What is your background?

I come from a software product development and product management background. Prior to Ammeon I was director of product management at Synchronoss/Newbay where I worked on a variety of consumer applications for mobile operators. These included social networking and media storage and sharing apps. It was a very exciting time and the development organization was progressive in its adoption of Agile development processes and its focus on trying to deliver features to the market as quickly as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Was it a logical progression to what you do now?

Here in Ammeon my role is somewhat similar, I’m bringing some product management discipline to the structure and definition of the services we provide, which we call propositions. Its not a logical progression but it is interesting to be part of reshaping a business.

Ammeon 1 min pitch what do they do?

Ammeon provides services to customers who are trying to solve problems, especially the problem of transforming their business. Our customers are trying to understand the changes they need to make to be more competitive, improve customer satisfaction and delivered value to their customers more quickly. The business landscape is changing at an ever increasing rate, and this change is enabled by new tools, techniques and technologies. We want to help customers capitalize on these changes as best they can.

Why would it be of value for people to attend the event?

We’re delighted to have Michael Murtagh from Ericsson present, he is an experienced change manager and will be sharing stories about the challenges faced by a global organization, how those challenges are overcome and some tips for others setting out on a journey of transformation. My colleague Dave Anderson and I will be talking about how the transformation journey maps out and how important it is to start doing! We’ll be providing some insights and examples from projects we’ve been working on. We’re hoping that people will understand more clearly the challenges and pressure for transformation, how to get started and the types of services that they are going to need along the way.

Dealing with change is not an optional extra. Michael Murtagh, Change Manager, Ericsson

Anything else to add?

See more about our event here.

Ammeon Breakfast briefing how Agile, DevOps and Cloud work, Dublin 8th December

Sean has over 20 years’ experience, including Director of Product Management for Cloud Solutions at Synchronoss, and various senior product development and technical management roles at companies in Ireland and the USA. 

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