By @SimonCocking. Quick update with Elizabeth Lumley Managing Director, about Rainmaking Register now for the Rainmaking Summit . See our last interview with her here.

What is the event ?

The London Rainmaking Summit is an interactive and inspiring event for anyone who is passionate about enacting real change within their industry or organisation. Following on from our first event in Copenhagen in September, the Rainmaking Summit will travel the globe – setting up shop in different regions and highlighting different industries.

When is it on?

Feb 1st, 2017

Who is it aimed at?

“We came here because we know we need to innovate. We need to work with startups. We want to know ‘how’? We’re hoping you can offer us some insight.” çThis. This event is aimed at this person. The person, in whatever organisation, that sees innovation as something that is needed in our industry. But doesn’t view innovation as a ‘magic pill’ or at worse, a meaningless buzzword. It is for the person who knows real change and innovative projects take hard work to achieve. That hard work is doable – if you know how to put together the right team, and have the right tools to work with. There is a method. It isn’t magic and it takes work. But there is a method you can learn. The Rainmaking Summit will be the place where you can discover ‘how to do this’.

What inspired you to get involved in the event, and Rainmaking Innovation in general? 
I go to A LOT of events. Sometimes you hear from great people. But more often than not, you hear from people who either spout meaningless buzzwords or are so controlled by corporate comms that what they are saying is useless. I have been in financial technology for 22 years. (although, the Rainmaking Summit is not a FinTech event – it is about innovation in any industry) The financial services industry desperately needs to change. And I meet with people everyday who also want to enact that change – and actively asking for tools to make that happen. And no one is really giving them any answers. Yes, they can go to an Accenture, for example, and they will get a report and a spreadsheet and a Power Point presentation – which makes their board happy – which gives them no skills or guidance what so ever. And I say this because, if real help came from those types of organisations – we would be seeing a lot more change – positive change – than we are seeing right now.

Rainmaking really grew out of our work at Startupbootcamp. The partners that founded the Rainmaking Loft and Startupbootcamp – believe passionately in entrepreneurship and supporting startups. However, we found it wasn’t enough to just bring in corporates – large, complex organisations – in the same room as startups and wait for the *magic* to happen. In order to enable meaningful engagements between startups and corporates – which benefit both sides – a bit of structure, learning, culture change and communication, was needed. Thus Rainmaking Innovation.

It is not *my* new company – but it is my new company. Because it has given me a chance to grow a vision and to – hopefully – reimagine conferences and events. When we started talking about putting together a corporate innovation event here in London?—?my first thought was: ‘How do we make it different and memorable?’ How do we make it informative, interactive and inspiring?

Delegates attend conferences for two reasons?—?to learn something and to network. If you get one or the other, most are satisfied. We would not be. We feel our industry partners and friends deserved more.

How does it fit into the Rainmaking Innovation ecosystem?

Rainmaking as a company is really three groups – the Rainmaking Loft co-working spaces in London, Copenhagen and Berlin, Startupbootcamp-branded accelerators and Rainmaking Innovation corporate innovation consultancy.

Working in the innovation sector sounds fun, how do you find a strategy to suit each client?

So we don’t like to call our ‘clients’ clients. We call them partners. Many people ask us for a ‘list’ of products and services. We do have some sort of list – for example, we can run your hackathon. We have a methodology called ‘Applied Tech Lab’ which is a month long project that enables startup and corporate engagement. But what we feel works best, is to sit down with each partner and find out what they need. What their goals are. A partner may come to us wanting a hackathon – for example – but what they really need is a startup sourcing project or Applied Tech Lab. Sitting down to speak with our partners – one on one – is really the best way to find the skills and tools to help them.

We’re seeing a much shorter lifespan for the top 500 Businesses, is this a trend that can be bucked, or do you advise your clients to embrace this?

The invention of the lightbulb never came about because we developed better candles.

Anything else we should have asked / you’d like to add?

The Rainmaking Summit in London will end with a ‘New Orleans-style funeral’ celebration. Where all the delegates will be invited to ‘bury’ all the challenges and barriers all the ‘Bureaucracy, Buzzwords & Bullshit’ that blocks real change. We hope everyone sticks around to celebrate.

Elizabeth Lumley, Startupbootcamp FinTech MD, on startup success and world domination

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