By @SimonCocking. It’s been a privilege to have featured so many inspirational people recently, and over the last two years. From May to July of this year, here are 47 great articles either about or by innovative women leading the charge in shaking up and innovating Irish and global tech in Ocean innovation, FinTech, Drones, MedTech, innovation, recruitment, social media and many many more vital areas of our daily lives. Nb our last round up of inspiring women in tech was one of our most viewed articles of the year so far!

How to deliver a killer TEDx talk. A review of “Live your talks” by Jojanneke Van Den Bosch

Without risk there can be no innovation. Natasha Kyprianides, Head of Digital Banking, Hellenic Bank

Over 300 innovations will be showcased during InnovFest unBound 2016. Dr Lily Chan, CEO NUS Enterprise

Great banking and fintech insights from Andra Sonea. Lead solutions architect at Lloyds Banking Digital

Using social media and tech for farming, interview with Lorna Sixsmith

The Third Act Conference 2016. A review by Catherine Duggan

FinTech? Don’t You Mean FunTech? By Jaimie Anzelone,

Dr John Demartini Masterclass in Inspired Leadership reviewed by Catherine Duggan

Review of The Art of Possible, by Kate Tojeiro

Distributing trust via blockchain-based currencies like bitcoin is powerful but it’s still early days. Louise Phelan, PayPal VP of Global Operations

IT Recruitment tips from Laura Boland, Software Placements

Pitch your FinTech Business idea and get feedback from top VCs. Edwina Johnson from Startup bootcamp explains more

Key takeaways from 3XE Digital by Marie-Clare Byard

Talk is cheap, Digital PR for Startups by Leanne Ross reviewed

How to Take Good Photos Using Drone-Based Cameras

Promoting Ireland’s Blue Economy, Val Cummins, IMERC explains more

Email Marketing and why it it fundamental to any eCommerce strategy, by Siobhan Scanlon

Cork is a fantastic hub for startup business, startup tips from Rosie Mansfield, GoCambio

Startup Business Showcase : MOPTOG

The do’s and don’t of Facebook advertising by Siobhan Scanlon

Surf the web while surfing Mark 2 by Eileesh Buckley

FutureScope 2016 Data Analytics, the Cloud and the Sky by Catherine Duggan

5 Key Ingredients For Growing Your YouTube Channel, by Siobhan Scanlon

Current IoT Trends and Future Insights at FutureScope 2016 by Catherine Duggan

Why customer success is vital for your SaaS Startup

Ted Rubin returns to Dublin to teach more about building relationships through social media

Snapchat primer for those wanting to join the conversation by Siobhan Scanlon

PR tips for FinTech startups by Caroline Bowler an Irish success story in Singapore

Successful WASUP (Wild Atlantic StartUP) conference, review by Eileesh Buckley

Is your FinTech business idea credible? Startup advice from Fiona Maguire, COO Startup Bootcamp Singapore

Emotional Resilience by Geetu Bharwaney, reviewed. Perhaps the future is remote working?

Irish Marine Institute launches SmartBay Subsea Observatory, Michael Gillooly explains more

Top 5 tips for success in Business, by serial entrepreneur Mary McKenna

The Silo Effect A Case for Diversity and Silo Busting. Reviewed by Ciara Garvan

The Digital Ocean, BlueTech SeaFest in Galway reviewed by Eileesh Buckley

Coding insights, with the hyper connected Python, gaming and design expert Vicky Lee

Deep sea innovation from Cathx Ocean. Adrian Boyle, founder interviewed

Innovation at the National Ploughing Championships, insights from Anna Marie McHugh

Business Showcase : Holition

Wallet or Smartphone: The FinTech in Front of the FinTech by Jaimie Anzelone

Great pictures and photographic insights with Trish Punch, top Irish landscape photographer

Why Data Should Be at the Core of Your PR Efforts by Kelly Byrd

Auria fashion label use recycled headphone wires for latest fashion designs

Business Showcase : Mobius Centre

10 Insider Tips for Startups Looking for Angel Investor Funding

Exciting tech coming out of Africa. Eunice Baguma Ball, founder of Africa Technology Business Network

Top 5 Tips for Starting a Tech Business from an Attorney, by Donata Kalnenaite

Working with mindfulness, keeping calm and focused to get the job done. Book review

The future of working (remotely) interview with Emmotional Resilience author Geetu Bharwaney

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