Great guest post by Siobhan Scanlon  founder of Peacock Bride

The do’s and don’t of Facebook advertising

Being a ninja in the art of Facebook Marketing can mean the difference between your business growing in leaps and bounds with an abundance of footfall and conversions or paling into oblivion and ending up in a tumble weed ghost town where businesses go to die. Only joking, it’s not that dramatic, but it can have a huge impact on your business and your online presence.

I’ve list below some dos and don’ts to help you on your merry way


  • Target the Ad to your relevant audience. Using targeted marketing will save you wasting your budget. You can choose the age, location, gender and interests, even followers of other pages
  • Keep it simple. No one wants to be bogged down with too much information. Keep your copy straight forward, your message clear & the call to action simple
  • Keep any images inline with your branding and Facebooks strict guidelines. (There’s a limit on the % text you can display in an image) Consistency and repetition in your brand themes and messages are how people will remember you.
  • Create a clear call to action and make sure the audience get what they expect. Does the landing page match what you’re offering in the Ad? You don’t want to misled anyone.
  • Use the correct conversion – are you looking for to get your ad seen by as many people as possible? To drive traffic to your website? To drive sales? All this can be easily tracked if you set up your ads in the correct way
  • Retarget your existing audience. Facebook allows you to ad a piece of code to your site that enables you to retarget anyone who visits the site via Facebook. This is the golden egg really and perfect for building brand trust and awareness about new products or offers.
  • Experiment – the best way to hit the sweet spot is by trying out lots of different things – adjust targeting on interests, age, gender and you’ll quickly learn where to apply more spend


    • Forget to check and double check your Ad for mistakes. There is nothing more off putting than an Ad with spelling mistakes.
    • Use an eye-catching photo with little text on it. Facebook has tight restrictions on this so get a grasp on these before you spend time creating images
    • Put your Ad on autopilot and forget about it. It will cost you a fortune! Choose a budget and a length of time. The system will figure out your daily cost and automatically stop it on your chosen day.
    • Carry on with target settings if you’re not seeing results. This will waste your budget and your time. Keep and eye on your insights and tweak your demographic as you go until you start seeing the cost per conversion drop
    • Rely on Facebook Ads for businesses. Facebook is for direct customers. If you want to advertise you businesses then you should find another platform.
    • Assume that Facebook is the quick answer to your problems. Sure it’s one of the best most targeted resources out there for businesses however it takes time to get to know the platform and to test targeting. But there are companies who have found HUGE success through Facebook advertising – Tough Mudder, Skinny Mint and many more so be patient, be curious and be open to change.

Facebook Ad ninja school is out…

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