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It is time to GO NATIVE and keep it real!

Ditch those over-posed, perfect skin stock photographs and get posing in front of the mirror for some selfies!

Stock photography is out, keeping it real is in!

Automation is the only way forward, bring on the Bots!

Watch out, Messaging apps have surpassed Social Networks!

DMI (Digital Marketing Institution) the organisers of 3XE Digital have perfected the schedule to include a mix of presentations, workshops and plenty of time for delegates to network with their peers, exchanging case studies and best practices.

I had the pleasure of attending the latest 3XE Digital event “Social Media & Content Marketing” in Croke Park, the second in the series of three such Digital Marketing Conferences that 3XE are running this year.
The next 3XE Digital Conference takes place on October 13th 2016 and focuses on “Search Marketing and Display Advertising”, see more here.

A packed house of over 600 delegates descended on Croke Park on Wednesday 11th May to hear what
22 of the top digital marketing experts from Ireland and beyond had to say.

Social’s USP is social shares; no one shares banner ads!
Target this “Sweet Pot” and generate advocacy!

Audiences more and more are googling fashion items they saw first on Facebook. They are not googling the paid ads (25% engagement with selfies, 2% with paid advertising); they are googling the dress they saw their friend in posing for a selfie in front of the bedroom mirror.
The product they gave the thumbs up to was sourced from a Facebook picture when they saw their best mate wearing it and just had to have it. Audiences are liking and sharing user generated content (blogs, posts, tweets, podcasting, pins, digital images, video, audio files) more and more. These likes and shares are now generating sales!
We trust a personal recommendation the most, above any endorsements.

The Advertising Trust and Response, per Global Consumer based on a survey of over 30K online consumers, in 60 countries last October found that:
“83% of respondents trusted a recommendation from people they know!”
Alan Coleman & Roisin Linnie, Wolfgang presentation

Audience is everything – know your audience!
Madonna (age 57) and Angela Merkel (age 61) may fall into similar age categories, but would certainly have very different taste in clothes when shopping online advises Dervla McGivern from ican Advertising.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is –
It’s what consumers tell each other it is”
Scott D. Cooke

Headlining the event, Australian blogger, author, strategist and speaker Jeff Bullas, here were his key takeaways:

# To be seen on Twitter, you need to tweet every 15 minutes
# Most users pop in and out of Social Media for up to 20 minutes at a time, if you want them to see your post you have to be posting every 15 minutes!
# Images are key to grabbing attention
# Try out different images in your posts and see which image generates the most engagement, you’d be surprised which one does!

#Watch out for the Bots! When Jeff first started automating his social media in the early days (2009) he was shunned. Now it is seen as the way forward, if you don’t automate you’ll be left behind.
#By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of their relationships with an enterprise without interacting with a human David Hayes, Huskies

You have to attract your audience, seduce them and get commitment !

Create evergreen content that you can re-share for months

Top agency Huskies’ David Hayes reinforced the power of SMS. His key take away was:

Don’t underestimate the power of SMS

By 2020 5 billion people on this earth will have smart phones !
To compete in the future you will need to build content on lightweight interactions over time.

The concluding message was –
“Keep entertaining and storytelling, make it relevant and in context”

A fantastic, well organised day with up to date, well informed and research social media analytics, well worth attending. If the May event is anything to go by, October will be a sell out fast.

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