Screen Hero are an Irish company who have recently launched selling a range of tempered glass screen protectors for your mobile devices. The good people over at Screen Hero were kind enough to send us some of their protectors to review and we have fitted them to an iPad Mini and an iPhone 6 to try them out.

Over the years I have used many different plastic screen protectors but have never been a overly happy with them. This was mainly due to the fact they can be difficult to fit properly and they often visually distort the screen image.

Unlike many of those plastic screen protectors that are on the market, the Screen Hero protectors are made from tempered glass so they’re crystal clear and you wouldn’t even notice they were on your screen. That’s one hurdle overcome.


Inside the packaging you get a cleaning kit to make sure your screen is smudge and dust free before you apply the protector. Alongside this, for the phone screen protectors, you also get a plastic installation tray which makes it really simple to apply the screen protector and ensure it is lined up correctly on the phone.

To fit the protector you first peel back the protective film and then place the tray over the phone. Once you are happy that everything is lined up you peel back the yellow sticker (which you can see in the image above) and remove the phone from the tray. For something so simple, it really takes the hassle out of the fitting process. No air bubbles and no readjustments needed to get it lined up.

While the iPad protector didn’t come with an installation tray, it was still very easy to fit and line up correctly on the first attempt. The extra rigidity of the glass makes it far easier than the plastic alternatives.


I’m not one for taking steak knifes to phones like you see in many of those ridiculous YouTube videos but I did see if I could scratch the protectors with everyday items they may come in contact with such as my house keys and the edge of some coins but none of them made any noticeable impact. The oleophobic layer to prevent smudges is also excellent and does a great job of keeping the screen clean.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 00.54.07

The Screen Hero tempered glass screen protectors are available for a number of different phones and for a selection of tablets. They are available now to order directly from

The ease of fitting and crystal clear design make this an easy product to recommend.

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