Guest post by Finbarr Coghlan. Dublin BIC presents  Current Trends and Future Insights at the Convention Centre Dublin May 31st. Buy tickets here.

For anyone interested in technology, digital and game changing business, FutureScope is taking place on the 31st May. There is one session in particular I am excited about – Fintech ‘Breaking the System’.

This session will open your eyes to the state of FinTech globally. Where it’s going and what it has overcome to get here? With a host of embedded industry experts we’ll hear about their businesses and what they see as opportunities and risks to their niche products. The panel of speakers will give insight into their companies – some global, some Irish, some established and some exploiting spaces as yet unseen.

Are the ‘Bricks and Mortar’ holding fast or is FinTech chipping away at the old guard brick by brick?

Security and fraud are always high on the FinTech agenda and clearly the biggest worry for any customer. Is this still the biggest hurdle for FinTech companies? How is the industry assuring potential customers that their money will be safe?

With 2Bn smartphone users Worldwide (growing to 2.6Bn in 2019), the cash of the future is in the ether and not in our pockets. The cashless society can now be seen on the horizon. What does this mean for the everyday woman and man on the street and what does it mean to businesses around the World? Where are the operational savings? What is the potential of these new efficiencies?

We’ll hear from Colm Lyon CEO of Fire Financial Services and winner of the Industry Achievement of the Year at the London Card and Payments Awards.

Don O’Leary of Stripe will take us into the World of online payments and how they are breaking down the international e-barriers one step at a time, continually freeing up international payments.

Plynk are in the blocks ready to sprint into the market, offering simple banking functionality.

Linked Finance is Ireland’s one and only crowd lending facility. They have helped small and medium companies across Ireland to secure finance when more traditional funding avenues were not an option.

FINTECH Circle, one the World’s largest FinTech angel investor groups will be present giving insights from the perspective of investors, entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that exists in the FinTech universe.

No doubt there will be plenty to talk about and you should expect a lively discussion. I see this one filling up quickly, so best take your seats.

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