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Jojanneke Van Den Bosch lives and breathes TEDx talks. She passionately believes in their value to deliver ideas that are worth spreading. Since the concept grew out of it’s US origin it has spread globally and there are now TEDx events in almost every major city. She is in the public speaking business but explains why TEDx is a little different in that the speakers do not get paid for their time.

It is a useful book as it takes you through the intricacies of what is required for a TED(x) talk, describing all the pre-planning stages required, the rehearsals, and strict timing to keep it within the allotted 18 minutes. It’s good to know that some of the most highly regarded TED talks did not reach the full time allocation either. Overall TED and TEDx have been a boon for public speaking around the world. If you can’t make your point in 18 minutes or less, it’s unlikely you will do so over an hour or more.

There are also a series of interviews with a variety of different TED(x) speakers, which enables the book to bring in different perspectives and interpretations of how to give a useful speech. A key element is the concept that the talk should not be one of self promotion. Instead a reminder that the whole point is to offer up ‘ideas that are worth spreading’. In this way the book aims to stay true to the ethos of what a good TED(x) talk is. It’s a good book to read to get deeper insights into the craft that is delivering a useful informative talk at a TED(x) event.

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