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A few weeks ago we ran a piece on MyTherapy, an app which helps you to stay on top of your medication and on top of your health. MyTherapy reminds you to take your medication and be active in managing your health and tracking your vital signs. You can use the built in health journal and medicine intake and then share this data with your physician. 

image001MyTherapy has now been updated to version 3.0 which extends the service to family members so that they can view their loved one’s progress and remind them to take medication where necessary.

A survey conducted in April among 288 MyTherapy users indicated that 1 in 3 were reminded to take medication by family members. Users of the app can now share their medicine and treatment regimes with family. This means that family members can help users stick to prescriptions and also gain motivation through use of the app.

Ellen, from Brighton in the UK was a beta tester for the new feature. She said that:

“I take several medications. I know, how important it is to take them as indicated. MyTherapy’s medication reminders are a great support. However, with the new feature every now and then, my daughter calls saying “Mum, think of your tablets” – this helps me stay on top of my health even more.”

MyTherapy has not only helped patients to stick to their medication plans but it has also improved overall well-being. The new Team function is free in the app. Sebastian Gaede, founder and managing director of smartpatient which is the company behind MyTherapy is convinced of the new features effectiveness.

“Many of our users have to regularly take medications but also lead busy lives. They want to be fit for their partners, their children or their grandchildren. For many of them, it’s a motivating factor if their families can be part of their medications regime.”

Users must clearly agree whether they want to use the team function and share their medication data before sharing their regimes with others. You can download MyTherapy 3.0 today on both iOS and Android.

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