By Catherine Duggan. Review of Dr John Demartini’s recent event in Dublin

Whether it’s in business, education, sport or other areas of life, great leadership is essential for success.  Inspired leadership is about being authentic and being able to help others to achieve their goals. The recent Masterclass in Inspired Leadership with Dr John Demartini organised by Front Row Speakers in association with Pendulum Summit held in Dublin on Tuesday 3rd May explored this topic in more detail.

The evening kicked off with Frankie Sheahan, of Front Row Speakers and Pendulum Summit welcoming all to the conference.  Speakers from various disciplines shared their personal insights into what leadership meant to them.

Phillip Matthews, President, National College of Ireland and Leadership speaker stated:

Great leaders connect emotionally with their team/people.

He gave the example of Paul O’Connell the rugby player who he believes is a great leader. He explained that Paul has the correct balance between strategic and intimate interactions with people and also has high emotional intelligence.

2. Sonia OSullivan

Sonia O’Sullivan, former World Champion and Olympic gold and silver medallist explained that it’s important to develop the skill to know your own strengths and to pace yourself in training.

Gary Keegan, High Performance Expert, Irish Institute of Sport identified ‘intention’ as an important element in leadership.  According to Gary Intention creates motivation and also focussing on setting the bar high. He quoted Joseph Campbell:

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty ‘yes’ to your adventure.

Supercharged Adventurer and Explorer Pat Falvey shared his secrets to success. He reminded us that ‘Life isn’t a rehearsal’, to ‘Give it a go’ and that we all ‘Have the Power’.  He encouraged people to:

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Gerry Duffy, Motivational Speaker spoke about the three pillars that are the basis to living an exceptional life:

  1. Be consciously aware of the fact that you have a life
  2. Be committed to continuous improvement
  3. Be grateful, focus on what you have not on what you don’t have

Paul O’Mahony, Digital Marketing Strategist, introduced each speaker in turn and then reflected back key points of their presentations to attendees. He related his own journey into wanting to find a better way to live his life with more meaning.  Reading the book ‘The Secret’ was his first introduction to finding another way as well as attending seminars and programmes on leadership by Tony Robbins and Dr. John Demartini.

His key learning about leadership are that emotions are key, the need to understand and believe in yourself, and to know your role.

Dr. John Demartini then took to the stage. He began by saying that ‘He is living his dream’. He explained that leadership is about fulfilling what you know inside your heart. He asked attendees if they had a dream or wanted to make a difference.  He added that it’s innate inside of us to do something extraordinary. He encouraged attendees to go after their dream and not to give up on it, that extraordinary things can be achieved.

Going deeper into the topic of leadership, he explained that every human lives moment by moment by a set of values. These can be categorised into high and low. The highest being the most important and are spontaneously inspired from within (intrinsic). The lowest are less so, and need external (extrinsic) forces such as motivation to occur.  He added that our brain is dedicated to fulfilling our highest values. That by identifying and knowing what our highest values are it maximises leadership awakening. He explained that he was not a motivational speaker, but a person who is interested in helping others find out what’s important to them.

Dr Demartini gave more insights about the workings of the brain and leadership. He also mentioned that every time we set a goal congruent with our highest values we will achieve it and create future goals

He encouraged us to be authentic, to write down our own mission statement and to let go of things that are not inspiring.  He said that when we are being authentic we draw the right people and circumstances to us. Not being authentic and living by other people’s values causes us to lose our identity and accumulate resentment. He advised:

Give yourself permission to be you.

Throughout his presentation Dr. John Demartini was truly his authentic self. He was open, humble, sometimes funny and emotional as he shared his life experiences from childhood to the present day. He not only opened his heart, but he gave permission to everyone attending the conference to do the same. He was warmly thanked by all by receiving a spontaneous standing ovation. He is a true example of an inspirational leader.

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