By @SimonCocking. Review of Geetu Bharwaney’s book, available from Amazon here.

Pressure, stress and annoying problems are all part of life, especially at work.
By developing your emotional resilience you can be bulletproof, prepare yourself against even the most challenging situations, and focus fully on achieving your goals, getting things done, moving ahead and being the best you can be.

This book aims to help people to be more emotionally aware and sensitive to what’s happening around them, generally in a work context. The book does have a lot of pop quizzes and assessment sheets to evaluation your levels of group empathy, self worth, self control and other various aspects dealing with the challenges of working with other people.

Possibly unintentionally at times it did make you wonder if working, in offices, with other people, is necessarily that good an option. Perhaps the future actually lies in working remotely rather than commuting to work to exchange the screen and keyboard you had a home for one tethered to an office desk and chair.

Bharwaney does offer some good exercises and questions to consider but at times you do begin to wonder if this is perhaps treating the symptoms rather than the source of the problem. Perhaps in the future we’ll be assessed on the quality of what we are creating, rather than how long we stayed in the office and who we did or did not play nice with.

It might be interesting to see what Bharwarney’s take on the implications of increased remote working trends on some of the issues she describes how to handle in her book (now that’s an idea for an interview …)

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