By @SimonCocking interview with Brett Gaylor

What inspired you guys to do this?

We want to educate everyday internet users about the importance of encryption. When more people understand the role encryption plays in protecting online privacy and security, more people can stand up for encryption when it matters most. This is crucial: Currently, encryption is being threatened around the world. From France to Australia to the UK, governments are proposing policies that would harm user security by weakening encryption. And in the U.S., the FBI recently asked Apple to undermine the security of its own products.

How long do you think it might run for?

Encryption is and will continue to be an important issue, so we’re planning to keep Codemoji running into the future.

What has the response been so far?

Positive! Codemoji is a fun gateway to learning more about encryption. Once folks grasp the basics, they can move on to more complicated media about encryption — like Mozilla’s encryption video series at

While encryption has it’s value, what are you thoughts when scenarios like the recent one where the US government wanted to compel Apple to unlock and decrypt the phone of the serial shooters?

You can read our blog post on the topic here.

How do we walk that balance between encryption for good or bad purposes?

You can read our blog post on the topic here.

What are you thinking of doing next?

Mozilla will continue to stand up for and educate around strong encryption. As we develop more campaigns and media, we’ll keep you posted.

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