By @SimonCocking. It’s been another great year for Irish Tech News, with consistent year on year growth over the last four years, with increasingly rapid growth in 2016. We have a fantastic range of contributors on board. The last three compilations of women in tech to watch have all done fantastically, showing there is a great interest and support for these stories. Here is our latest catch up, with articles either about or by awesome women writing in the tech area. Thanks again for reading, any comments if you’d like to be featured drop us a line at [email protected] 

Social good, innovation and corporate responsibility. Startup and investment tips with Susan McPherson, Angel investor, Forbes columnist

We didn’t take no for an answer, even after 100 times. Melanie Perkins, CEO of globally loved Canva

Women are Boring. Interview with founders. Great site for fascinating research with interesting women!

Persistence will take you a long way. Lilach Bullock, Forbes Top 20 Social media influencer

The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst, reviewed by Ciara Garvan

Great female founders : Salone Sehgal, reinventing gaming for female audiences

Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez reviewed. Facebook insider stories and more

What is data ethics? Aurelie Pols, top data expert explains more


Anna Scheller coming to Ireland for Women’s Inspire Network, October 5th

Neira Jones from banking to information security with a good sprinkling of digital innovation. Insights from a global influencer

The life project by Helen Pearson reviewed. Why datascience is relevant for all of us

Grow. Change your mindset, change your life by Jackie Beere, book review

Startup Business Showcase : HaySaver

The Six Elements of a Great Leader, by Sue Coyne

The robots are coming. Innovative Irish startup launches

Women in Cyber Security, the challenges and opportunities by Raluca Saceanu

Madi Sharma, Make A Difference Idea : from adversity to global inspiration

130 employees in 40 countries and no office, anywhere. The Scraping Hub story

How do you encourage long-term thinking in teams?


Data protection is a hot topic right now. Inside the world of RegTech with Emerald de Leeuw

The challenges of managing data successfully, Maureen Ohlhausen Commisioner of Federal Trade Commission

Leading teams, 10 challenges, 10 solutions, reviewed.

Planning for EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Pivot, the only move that matters is your next one by Jenny Blake. Reviewed

25 women in robotics to watch in 2016

Robohub roundtable: Cybathlon and advancements in prosthetics

How to get your event trending on Twitter.

Women in Business: Yvonne O Connor and Why Regrets are a Waste of Time in Business.

Ireland has an exciting fintech scene, Fintech20 Ireland celebrates this, Hazel Moore, First Capital

Coaching skills for leaders in the workplace, Jackie Arnold, reviewed

Every LEO in Ireland should send their tech startups to Skibbereen’s Digital Week , Mary McKenna entrepreneur, angel investor

Social enterprise startup insights with Food Cloud, speaking at National Digital Week

Ireland is a growing centre for FinTech development, Anna Scally, head of FinTech KPMG

Latest trends in digital marketing showcased at 3XE Digital, review by Marie-Clare Byard

First Onezero event concludes, sport and tech celebrated in Dublin

Hardware lessons with Besty Fore, Wondermento founder, IoT inspiration and mentor

Dublin has a growing innovation and fintech ecosystem, Regina C. Sullivan Fidelity International

Women Entrepreneurs get Investor Ready! Anne Ravanona, InvestHer founder, speaking at National Digital Week

Vivienne Errington-Barnes, community manager HER social app, speaking at No Fats no Femmes

Emojis will make you smarter! Smiley faces, cognitive understanding and the future of AI.

Cork is thriving place for Tech, Grainne Bagnall, Sense About Maths founder speaking at National Digital Week

How to coach your team by Pam Jones, Angela Jowitt, Viki Holton, reviewed

OTT insurgence is rising, what should Telcos do?

Adventures in self marriage and how to deal with going viral, Grace Gelder, top photographer

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the New Year

What This AI Recruitment Tech Company Sees

Barbara Mellish interviewed, Blockchain Alliance for Good President

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