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What is your background?

My expertise is in Banking Payments and Cards. Having held several executive positions in blue chip companies, my last role in the sector was responsible for the integrity and security of the national infrastructure of payments in the UK, transacting an average of over £385bn per day. I am now the President of the Blockchain Alliance for Good, part of the not-for profit International Think Tank the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance.  CCEG is the world’s leading Think Thank in the Movement of Value. I am also the CEO of the commercial arm Seratio Limited, providing real-world applications of non-financial value measurement to the private, public and third sector.

Does it seem like a logical progression to what you do now?

My goal is to create structural-level change to improve the way we view and transact value.  The whole world transacts and uses money/currency. Until now, only the financial value of the transaction is visible and transparent. And yet, every transaction is more than simply the financial amount. The confidence, brand premium, freedom, love, provenance together with the values of the giver and receiver are present yet not fully recognised and recorded.  Bringing together the years of research and application of non-financial value measurement and making use of blockchain technology enables the total value of a transaction to become clear and thus recorded.  This will revolutionise our societies to enable informed purchasing decisions.  You will buy that which you

1 min pitch for the current initiative? What is it’s goal?

Our next big initiative is creating a cryptocurrency based on Islamic values. With a population of around 1.9billion Muslims are arguably one of the world’s largest communities. The goal is to have a means of payments that seamlessly traverses borders and allows us to transact globally with one another based not just on financial but also on the social, ethical and religious values. This is the most exciting crypto currency development since Bitcoin itself, we have had an amazing response to the White Paper which is available here:

How are you promoting the use of Internet-of-Value and Blockchain technology for good social and environmental outcomes?

Way before crypto-currencies, we already had financial-value transfer over the internet; we’ve been buying goods on line for some years now. The Internet of Value will only achieve its full potential when we articulate the total value of things, organisations supply chains.  When consumers have transparency on the level of slavery involved in the supply chain of the item they are buying, when they can simply see whether an organisation they are buying from is socially good or environmentally responsible compared to others, then behaviour will change. Full connectivity enables wider and faster access to trusted networks. I believe we will transact more peer to peer and less through centralised “authorities” as time moves on. The values within our communities will be even more present and important.

Blockchain could be very positive,  why do you think so?

Blockchain technology enables us to automate structures, governance, individual autonomy and participation.  It is a great tool to engage and participate through our chosen communities. I’m optimistic that a transfer of power will take place over time from central authorities to decentralised networks, enabling us all to, have a voice,  take more responsibility and participate in the decisions that matter to us.

How do we ensure it is applied to positive projects?

We need to keep realistic. Any technology can be used for good or bad.  As the world’s leading think tank in this arena,  we measure the good.  As an example, we measure a freedom metric as opposed to a slavery metric. We are keen to measure and improve the goodness. When you start to assess the values of different groups, as you might imagine, it proves to be an interesting debate when some values conflict with the values of other groups.  Within our Think Tank, we believe that the first step is to recognise and acknowledge are different value sets, to promote the good.

Where can people learn more?

About Blockchain Alliance for Good : Internet-of-Value Blockchain Initiative for Socially Good Integrated Transactions (Bisgit.Iov) can be found at Official hashtag of the Alliance is #goodistrending.

Cambridge Conference interviews:

Shaykh Sidiqqi Video:

About Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), is the leading open source international Think Tank on the Movement of Value. With over 50,000 members, including 6000 of the largest companies in the world and 2000 politicians, CCEG has over 100 commissions at   and over 10 SaaS platforms at Seratio. CCEG’s blockchain focus is around the building of Phronesis World, with more detail of real world applications in Phronesis II (prezi, video).

CCEG You Tube Channel

Blockchain Alliance for Good launched

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