By @SimonCocking. Interesting news about an exciting new Irish company using datascience to improve the recruitment process They apply data science at the beginning of the recruitment funnel telling you who to talk to first & why. For Agencies, HR Departments & Job Platforms, ATSs. See our earlier interview with them here.

What pain point are you solving and why?

It’s simple. We build robot recruiters. All seeing, all knowing.

No, seriously.

Imagine never having to read a bad resume. Imagine knowing who the top 20 people are out of a list of 20 000. Or 2 million. This is what RECRUIT, one of our products does. Sure, it’s a young AI.


We trained it on tens of thousands of data points. It’s learning fast and learning well. The more data it gets, the better it understands concepts. Because it is no longer about keywords, it is about concept mining. The AI knows what java means, you don’t even have to type the keyword, it will surface relevance regardless.

RECRUIT- intelligent system to automatically classify incoming resumes based on the skills of applicants. Customer profile: Recruitment Agencies & HR Departments (companies actively hiring tech). Now imagine one click job hunting. You upload your resume to a job board and you have jobs returned to you within seconds. Or the other way around, imagine submitting a job description to a job board and instantly being connected to 10 qualified candidates. This is what our MATCH product does.

MATCH – data science powered technology to augment entities with large databases of candidates and job openings. Customer profile: Job Boards, Job Aggregators and Applicant Tracking Systems.

Give a glimpse of the future, what’s going to happen a year from now?

We will continue to develop as a science first company in the talent space. We will move out of ICT and apply our science on generic industries but at the same time maintain a focused approach on certain industries. We have our eye on Biotech and Pharma. A year from now our blackbox will be plugged into a number of job boards and the algorithms will be able to tell you ‘’You know Java? Learn Scala. You will earn 20k more and you will be able to go for these specific jobs and work for these exact companies’’. We want to look not only at skills, but also culture and behaviour.

Who are your founders behind your product?

There are two founders in the company. We are both originally from Transylvania, Romania. Both from the same town called Brasov. That’s something we have in common. One male, one female. Gender is not something we have in common. That’s a good thing, it translates in balance.

Our profiles look like this:

Andreea Wade
CEO and Co-Founder
Andreea is the co-founder and CEO of Opening. She has a background in programming, journalism, product management, business development and entrepreneurship. Andreea is a startup mentor, having mentored in all the major incubators and accelerators in Dublin but also London, Tel Aviv and Berlin. Andreea was involved in running the Irish wing of an EU funded accelerator (4.5 million euro fund), where she assessed European startup applications and mentored the successful cohort. She was the Head of Product Management in the largest Irish media trust and has previously founded companies, being her fourth venture. Speaker, tech event organiser, lecturer and lover of the outdoors.

FullSizeRender (2)

Adrian Mihai
CTO and Co-Founder
Adrian is the co-founder and CTO of Opening. He was heavily involved in the development processes of entities like Lufthansa, National Geographic, Magnum Photos, WWF and the Rational Group of companies. He is deeply interested in software and hardware architecture, streamlining of user experience, data manipulation, optimisation of content delivery. Adrian founded a national multimedia festival, Dracula PC Party for 5 consecutive years, an event that gathered several thousands of participants in Romania. He is also a programming Olympiad, having won the first place at the Romanian Programming Olympiad.

Opening started out of the… frustration Adrian experienced 3 years ago when looking for opportunities in the Irish tech ecosystem. The same frustration that every one of us felt while looking for employment. No wonder the Recruitment Industry is dubbed the Rejection Industry! But while we got the impulse to change things out of frustration, we are getting motivated to keep getting better at changing things… because we care about people. More exactly, we care about good people finding each-other.

Adrian and I have done years of community work, contributing to tech ecosystems across Europe, bringing people together… and getting a kick out of it too.

For more details contact

Andreea Wade
Co-Founder & CEO
[email protected] | August 2016

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