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Interview with Andreea Wade @brandalisms, cofounder of @openingdublin

Describe the company:

We are in the space of HR intelligence, automatically matching talent with Tech and Creative industry jobs. We use linguistics algorithms to identify patterns within the structure and phrasing of job posts and CVs, converting them into data points to match candidates to suitable jobs. In short, we do matching and recommending.


How are you different?

We employ science to solve the matching problem in HR.

We use machine learning, web mining, semantic search and things like NLP (Natural Language Processing) etc. Think of our algorithms as intelligent systems (smart robots with recruiter hats) that perceive their environment (they have developed an understanding of the space of IT recruiting, recruiting in general, the need and relevance of all IT skills), smart robots that take intelligent actions to find the best candidate/role match.

There is not one defined path in this space, we are literally adding to the science of HR intelligence.


Why will the company / product do well?

There are a few reasons:

Market: We are solving a real problem, with global relevance. The market wants this.

Timing: We believe the market is more than ready for this, matching is where the focus is in HR.

Product: We have real technology. And it works at scale. Scale is key.

Speed: We aim to move fast and are raising money this year in order to move faster.

Team: Strong founders (business and tech), we have 2 programming olympiads on the team, PHD data scientists etc

Where are you based? How long will you stay there? – How goes life on the boat!?

We are based in Ranelagh. We are still all in one small room, waiting to move into a larger space, our very own little building – but yes, we have no broadband yet. Some days I think it will take this little to get us to pack up and move out of Ireland. I don’t want that moment to happen, I am loyal to Ireland, but issues like these have incredibly negative impact. We are a tech startup. And have no internet. In the middle of Dublin City, a ‘’destination tech hub’’.

We want to stay here to be honest. I’ve been based in here for the last 4 years with my previous company, We love Ranelagh (we all live rather close to here as well).

The boat was and is still great. I am there at least once a week, we are still part of that coworking space as well and will probably remain so for a while as we will most likely need space in London as well (we are looking to tap into UK investment).


When was the company launched?

We’ve been quietly working on this for the last 10-12 months, currently in beta and we would like to encourage anyone who is curious to sign up for testing. While our HQ is in Ireland, we aim to set up a branch in the UK by the end of the year.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

It has to be the technology. We kept quiet on this as we didn’t know if the algorithms would work, if we could achieve the levels of accuracy desired. Today, technology alone, we are on a par with the large tech companies tackling recruitment.

We have also managed to attract incredible talent, for which we are grateful. Good talent is gold in tech.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Our product is aimed at companies actively hiring tech. follows a SAS model and aims to aid with both internal and external matching efforts. External: new hires, matching people with jobs; Internal: new projects, matching people with project roles; capacity management etc.

We can also empower Job Boards

Tell us about your team?

We have 5 people on the team, 4 full-time and a 5th person working remotely, on a contract basis, doing data science work (senior position). has two co-founders, one technical and one biz dev.

Adrian Mihai

CTO and Co-Founder

Adrian is the Founder of Opening. He was heavily involved in the development processes of entities like Lufthansa, National Geographic, Magnum Photos, WWF and the Rational Group of companies (65%+ share of the global online poker market). He is deeply interested in software and hardware architecture, streamlining of user experience, data manipulation, optimisation of content delivery. Adrian founded a national multimedia festival, Dracula PC Party for 5 consecutive years, an event that gathered several thousands of participants in Romania. He is an avid fan of the SouthPark TV series, Survivor, snowboarding and a small Irish post-rock band, God is an Astronaut. Adrian is the winner of a National Programming Olympiad (1st place).

Andreea Wade

CEO and Co-Founder

Andreea @brandalisms  is the co-founder of Opening. She has a background in coding, design, journalism, events, advertising, marketing and product management. She is a connector of people, a key tech community member, founder of AskATon and StartupHiking, organiser of a number of Startup Weekends in Dublin and a member of the Women in Technology and Science (WITS) Ireland board. Andreea is a startup mentor, having mentored in all the major incubators and accelerators in Dublin. You will sometimes find her on a stage.

Roland Adorjani

Data Scientist

Roland @RolandAdorjani works in Data Science. His interests are around Applied Psycholinguistics in social media analysis, social network analysis, conversation analysis and cognitive ethnography and Dialogical Systems – dialogue development linguistics, dialogue architecture, Knowledge engineering – Semantics. He has done research in cognitive science labs and has worked on projects revolving around language technology. In his spare time he scraps large datasets of social media conversation data and works on developing novel analytic approaches to them. The remainder is used for running up mountain trails, reading, and roaming the cultural scenes of wherever he lives at the moment.

Noah Donnelly


Noah is a programmer and tech enthusiast from the wilds of Co. Monaghan in Ireland. Always eager to learn new things, he has explored competitive programming, web development and games with equal zeal. When he’s not typing code furiously, he explores his other interests in music, subpar films and languages. Noah is just back from Kazakhstan where he represented Ireland at the International Informatics Olympiad.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

We are hacking skills fit but we intend to solve something rather intangible: cultural fit. We have spent a good bit of time talking to HR scientists, researching cultural fit within academia etc and we believe we have identified a path of putting metrics around fit indicators specific to this space.

We want to give back, thus using data to construct meaningful stories initially around Dublin, as a tech hub and then London and so on. We believe in Europe as a business enabler in the space of tech entrepreneurship and would like to add to the discourse thats emerging around this topic. Thus, meaningful data stories around talent and entrepreneurship are in our roadmap.

Our overall vision is to add value by clearing the noise within recruitment., globally We are an European SAS company aimed at enterprise, however, creating a talent bank is also on our radar.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

The OnePlus Power Bank. Saves lives. 🙂

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

It has nothing to do with our work in opening, but we have an extensive library on micro controllers and we used to play with sensors (back in the day, when we had time).

Anything to add / or we should have asked you?

If we are to summarise our thesis in one quote, it would be this one:

“We are entering the era of unparalleled talent scarcity, which, if left unaddressed, will put a brake on economic growth around the world, and will fundamentally change the way we approach the workforce challenges’’.

– Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec, Canada,  member of the World Economic Forum

Linking good people with good people, talent with opportunities, at company, city, country and continent level is where our vision extends.

To find out more

see our websiteLinkedIn  or twitter @openingdublin

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