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“Most of us work in or manage teams, but are we really getting the most out of the numerous benefits of effective teamwork? All too often there are roadblocks – ranging from a lack of engagement to clashing personalities – that are holding us back from achieving the results we need. Leading Teams shows team leaders how to overcome the most common obstacles to team performance and drive outstanding results from their people.”

This book draws on the many, regular, challenges that emerge when working with an in teams. At times the challenges faced are articulately described, so much so that you hope and wonder if the sources of these ‘challenges’ are able to take on board the issues experienced and change their approaches and strategies.

There is a lot of practical advice, with good examples, and potential solutions, with the idea that it is offering you some ‘how-to’ approaches. Overall it does seem to reflect a symptomatic challenge for the working world about how to get the most out of employees while also having the emotional intelligence to identify when you are in a less than optimal situation.

It’s a short book, less than 200 pages long so it’s a quick read so ideally you can get in and get the benefit quickly. We just hope that the source of the blockage / problems is also someone who is willing to read a book like this, and be able to take on the feedback and act accordingly on it.

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