By @SimonCocking. Great insights from the founders of the innovative social enterprise Food Cloud who will be sharing their inspirational story in Skibbereen at the National Digital Week, November 10th to 12th.

How and why did you get involved with the National Digital Week event?

We were delighted to be asked to speak at National Digital Week 2016. The event has a really impressive line of speakers and is a great opportunity to learn about new innovations and ways of thinking. We are especially excited to go to Skibbereen where Ludgate Hub are leading lights in creating an entreprenurial ecosystem in a more rural setting. There is a very supportive technology community in Ireland which is fantastic to be a part of.

Business Showcase event : National Digital Week, hosted by Ludgate Hub, Skibbereen

What are you excited about for this year’s version of the event

There are some really exciting sessions around entrepreneurship and female leadership. It is fantastic seeing the energy in the technology and start up community in Ireland. I am also very excited to hear from the speakers in the sharing economy session and learning more about the emergence of organisations with trust and collaboration at their heart.

What will you be talking about this year?

FoodCloud has a vision for a world where no good food goes to waste and wants to solve this problem at a very local level. Everyday businesses, from farm to store, are throwing away perfectly good food, when charities in communities across the country are struggling to fundraise to feed those in need. Globally 30% of food that is produced is wasted and in Ireland we waste 1 million tonnes of food a year. FoodCloud is a social enterprise that connects businesses with surplus food with charities that need it. We offer two services – a retail level solution that connects stores across Ireland and the UK with charities in their local community. We have merged with Bia Food Initative to create FoodCloud Hubs Cork Dublin and Galway, where we rescue, store and distribute large volumes of food from farms, manufacturers and distributors to charities across Ireland. Ireland has a rich heritage in food and agriculture and this means we have a huge opportunity to lead in developing solutions for surplus food internationally.

How has the last 12 months been? 

We have had a very exciting 12 months. We have expanded into the UK with FoodCloud. In January we were piloting with 15 Tesco stores and are now operating in over 800 stores across the UK.

Successful Irish female founder stories : Iseult Ward CEO FoodCloud

We joined forces with Bia Food Initiative to create three FoodCloud Hubs across Ireland which is having a transformative impact on addressing the problems of food waste and food poverty and offers the food industry at each step of the supply chain an alternative to throwing away perfectly good food.

What would your tips be for people aiming to communicate their message?

Have three clear messages for your audience and stick to them!!

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