By  @SimonCocking. We caught up with the organisers to find out more about this great drone event that takes place bi-annually in both Ireland and California.

How did the the California event go?

The event was fantastic, we had speakers from Intel, Facebook, DJI, Precision Hawk and lots of investors. There were over 500 people at the event which we were very happy about. The location was in the Palace of Fine Arts which was a great backdrop to the city of San Francisco.

What were the highlights?

I think the highlights were our investor panel, and all of the great start ups that competed in our start up competition. We had over 10 companies who applied and three companies were shortlisted and they winning company was sSeaDrone, an underwater drone.

How much has changed since the event you hosted in California last year?

The federal aviation Authority has opened up the rules around commercial drone services and what this means is that companies no longer have to go through a lengthy process to offer commercial drone services. This means the market for drone services in the US will become much bigger and much more interesting. The same thing has been happening in Ireland. More and more complained are going to get into this field.

When is the event in Ireland? (Will this be instead of the Mayo one?)

This year we decided to host the event in Dublin, but will still be going to Mayo  for our VIP weekend. While Mayo is a great location, the vast majority of our attendees come from Dublin. We will be in Dublin on November 3rd, at the AIB Bank Centre, Ballsbridge and then on to Mayo on the 5-6 of November. .

What can people look forward to at it? Who are you hoping to have speak at it?

This year we have speakers from some of the world’s biggest companies who are involved in drones. Some companies we cannot disclose yet but needless to say, they will have some very interesting things to say. We have the world’s biggest drone company taking part and CEOs and investors from Japan, the USA and Europe. For anyone that is interested in the future of e-commerce delivery, shipping, aerial video or photography, then the conference is a must.

What trends are you excited about in drones?

This year will see a huge growth in new drone startups, as there are less regulations around drones and more investors will start to get into the space. Package delivery will start to become commonplace and I think people will get used to the idea of drones delivering items to their homes.

How many people are you hoping to attend the Dublin event?

This year we are limiting the ticket to 300 people. People can buy tickets at

This is a video from our conference in San Francisco this year.

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