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Recruitment trends, as we live them happen.

Yes, I did mean live.

Our daily interactions with the recruitment industry compound into industry trends. Alive, observable and moving: who we meet, the conversations we are having, the use cases we discover and the market we serve are all telling the same story: the industry is on the move. It is changing.

Here’s what we see happening:

  1. Automation is changing the job description of the recruiter and the business model of the recruitment agency or job platform. It is changing how companies are hiring and how the candidate is interacting.

Machine learning and AI technologies are creating change. This is inescapable. In all industries, all markets and territories. This is not a fad, this is happening due to a technological shift (I don’t want to call it a paradigm shift, but that’s pretty much what this is). If you are alive today, the world 5 years from now will look very different. And so will 7 years from now. 15 years from now. For some of us, at the frontline of this change, today looks very different from yesterday. What we thought impossible 6 months ago (or maybe even last month), today we are implementing.

2. The industry is restless. Its people are restless. We see more and more senior, established recruiters exiting the traditional recruitment industry and joining or wanting to join recruitment tech companies.

3. Agencies are changing. What we see, through the nature of what we do, is data centric recruiters starting to productise their own databases, building their own products and platforms.

4. Niche players. From the building industry, to legal and aviation – just some of the niche platforms we see being built.

People and products, changing careers and business models is what we see on a daily basis. We observe these because we are part of the change. We observe these in our inboxes, the talent approaching us, in the meetings we have, the clients we onboard, the trips abroad we take and the partnerships we make.

5. …there’s one more thing we see. The candidate. The industry trades and thrives on people yet their voice is often defaulted to mute. For the candidate, automation and AI is empowering, not disruptive.

But sure, in this ever changing landscape, some things remain the same. Just not yet sure why. Do you?

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