By @SimonCocking and @oscarmichel8 , another great week for positive tech news stories. We’ve also had a great response for the #Fintech20Ireland event, with 185 of the tickets now gone!  Get your tickets here, and enter here. As always if you’d like us to feature your business drop us a line here [email protected]

Top Tier Recruitment partners with Irish Tech News for Fintech 20 Ireland event, October 26th

Why ICOs are booming, blockchain, crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offerings insights with Anti Danilevski, KICKICO

WP Engine celebrates first year in Limerick, Annette Alexander explains more, and they’re hiring!

ICO [Initial coin offerings] – How to buy supertokens, a primer by Nick Evdokimov

Why coding is still a relevant skill, insights with Rob Percival, author of Confident Coding

Potential golden blockchain opportunities with GoldMint

 Can You Guess The Classic Sci-Fi Films That Predicted Future Tech?

Paragon Uses ICOBox’s solutions to Raise $100M to Elevate Cannabis Industry

Dublin is tech, the past, present and future of Irish tech, 8-9 March 2018

Canon enhances L-series range with four new lenses for perspective control

Banks For The Memory, by Jaimie Anzelone

Canon launch new mirrorless camera: EOS M100

How to do Search Engine Marketing well on a limited budget, Kirk Williams, PPC expert speaking at 3XE October 19th

Top trends in CEE startup scene, by Startup Wise Guys

Estonia Tech Bridge’ event hosted by Enterprise Ireland, cyber-security, e-government and fintech opportunities for Irish companies

Could Emojis really be The Universal Online Language by Cosette Jarrett

Create Memorable Presentations – Overcome Death by PowerPoint

Breaking Banks: AI and the Future of Money with Stephen Wolfram

Robots Podcast: RoboUniverse 2016: Drones, AI and 3D Printing

How long until Croke Park hosts an eSports All-Ireland Championship Final?

5 Communications Trends Shaping the Modern Workface

PwC Financial Wellness Report – 11Fs Podcasts

What happens after you ‘Pivot’ in life, Jenny Blake explains, paperback version out now

Digital Health declaration will be signed during eHealth conference on October 16-18 in Estonia

UXDX event taking place on October 4-7 in Dublin

ConneXions: Where French and Irish Culture meet Digital Technology, September 29 – October 1st

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape the Future by Chirag Thumar

Employment in Irish owned firms still growing for a sixth consecutive year

Innovation Show: The Future of Work in the knowledge economy.

How to chose the best PC for college according to Declan Kenny, Currys PC World

Mobile User Authentication is a Growing Necessity and Likely to Shape the Future of Businesses Worldwide

Life as an intern with Irish Tech News, insights with Oscar Michel, DCU Journalism Masters student

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