By @SimonCocking great interview with Anti A. Danilevski, a Visionary CEO taking Blockchain Crowd investing by storm. Bitcoin’s value is up 232% since 2016. ETH has skyrocketed by 1500%. More funds will be raised this year via Initial Coin Offerings than venture capital. Is it any wonder that backers and creators alike are dubbing blockchain crowdfunding the future of investing? One innovator leading the charge is Anti A. Danilevski, founder and CEO of the blockchain crowdfunding platform KICKICO. Irish Tech News recently connected with the visionary CEO to discuss his vision for blockchain crowd funding, his upcoming ICO and his biggest inspirations.

Business Showcase : KICKICO

Tell us a bit about your background.

Back in 2011, I became completely captivated with crowdfunding. Finally, a more democratic kind of capitalism—one where the little guy had the power to bring new products to the market! I completely immersed myself in crowdfunding. I lived it. I breathed it. And most importantly, I truly believed in it.

Over the next few years, I worked on hundreds of Kickstarter campaigns. I founded Russians on Kickstarter, the largest community of crowdfunding enthusiasts in the Russian-speaking world, and launched a crowdfunding conference called Crowdcult. I got to know the space like the back of my hand.

I see the same shiny optimism now in the Ethereum community that I did back in the early days of crowdfunding. The same ideals that drew me to crowdfunding get me excited about Ethereum.

How does your background connect to the work you’re doing with KICKICO?

KICKICO is the perfect marriage of my two passions.

The launch of crypto currencies revolutionized the overall approach to the whole idea of money. it’s a trust-based network where only the participants of each transaction decide on its ownership and worth. It gave the full banking capabilities to anyone in the world – whether you want to buy, sell, trade or transfer – eliminating all the geographical, financial and time limits.

Pure punk rock of capitalism. Just like with crowdfunding, any person has an opportunity to create a product and bring it to a market avoiding dealing with banks, cruel venture capitalists and communicational barriers. Hero shot, snappy press-release and captivating video – boom and you are a millionaire.

Currently, those two of my favorite Phenomena are integrated into one – and that’s how ICO has appeared. Today any person is capable of launching its crowdfunding campaign backed up by cryptocurrency.

As we were developing KICKICO, I drew from my years in crowdfunding and cryptocurrency to ensure our platform solved the biggest shortcomings in each of these technologies. It’s a fascinating, ever-evolving space that requires in-depth knowledge.

What are the key shortcomings of traditional forms of crowdfunding?

“Crowdfunding 1.0” is painfully bad. Its issues became glaring around 2014, when global corporations started launching projects on platforms like Kickstarter. It got harder for the little guy to compete for visibility, and entrepreneurs from certain countries had a hard time launching projects. At the same time, more investors were getting burned when campaigns failed to deliver on promises.

And don’t me get started on complexity of the process. Authors from third world countries (including Russia) cannot launch anything at Kickstarter if they have no SSN or representative who is the citizen of a country that Kickstarter operates in. A launch on the Indiegogo platform does not guarantee that the PayPal account of a campaign will not be frozen. Launching your campaign turns into quite an adventure instead of being easy and entrepreneur-friendly.

Blockchain makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to launch a project. However, blockchain crowdfunding brings its own set of challenges. First, there are the scams. This also occurs on traditional platforms, but because the public doesn’t really understand the blockchain yet, ICO fraud leaves investors even more wary.

I quickly realized that to get the full potential of blockchain crowdfunding, the world needed a platform that was community-based, transparent and safe. That’s why I created KICKICO.

What are KICKICO looking to do?

KICKICO is the world’s first 3-in-1 platform for ICOs, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting with no high fees, geographical restrictions, loads of paper work, delays in payments, but with free education, consulting, possibility to earn on the platform, self-managed community with gamifications principles implemented, decentralized fund backing our token, etc.

Therefore, any person in the world that has access to the internet, great idea and drive can get funded and fulfill his or her dreams.

KICKICO leverages the power of its tokens, KickCoins, our native digital currency, and our KICKONOMY to create a transparent, protected ecosystem for project creators and backers. Our reserve model minimizes fees for authors and awards backers with up to 20% of their contribution with KickCoins for every successful campaign they back motivating then to pick wisely.

How does KICKICO help overcome key challenges?

Our mission is to decrease risk for investors and increase the likelihood of success for authors. To accomplish this we are trying to create a perfect plan for our token, as this is an asset that our investors get.  Why will those tokens grow? First of all, there will be a lot of long term investors who believe in KICKICO and will keep KickCoins after purchasing it. We are going to thank them with bonus emission of tokens within the first 2 years after ICO.

KickCoins are useful in multiple use cases in the ecosystem on the platform. Authors of campaigns can use it to pay for their project review, localization, developing the creatives, etc.  Community members will use it for election of community advisors — voting for advisors requires symbolic sum to cast a vote, electing moderators — same as previous, voting for moderators requires symbolic sum to cast a vote, voting for a project – an additional option for a campaign to get higher position and become ‘the choice of the community’ campaign, virtual gifts etc. With the platform development more uses of KickCoins will be adding to increase the liquidity.

And we also going integrate our token in real businesses. KC received by people who financially supported the campaigns on the platform (backers) will be accepted as payment in a variety of projects, such as those that successfully collect funds on our platform and become participants of the KICKONOMY. In fact, it’s already happening. We are going to drive this hi-tech vehicle together with our partners — RBK Games and let gamers use our KickCoin tokens for purchases made on RBK Games.

The value of the token will be also backed by KICKICO charges a fee from successfully completed campaigns in two versions: 4% in ETH and 4% of the project tokens which were emitted by it (in cases where the project issues their own tokens). 4% of the fees go to ensuring the maintenance and development of the platform, and 4% of the tokens will automatically be sent to the KICKONOMY reserve fund.

As the platform develops, more and more tokens of third-party projects will accumulate in the fund. By 2019, we project that there will be at least five hundred different tokens in the reserve fund. In the event, even if only 10% of these tokens show multiple growth, the value of the reserve fund will increase many times, and with it the value of KC.

And KICKICO is trying to make sure that the number of such projects will be constantly increasing. Even though the majority of tokens that are issued by projects raising funds on KICKICO platform, do not have enough capitalization to be listed and traded on big crypto-exchanges. Here comes our solution: integration of Bancor protocol to the tokens’ smart contracts, so that all the fundraisers ?ould be able to make their tokens really “Smart” by all means.

By joining the Bancor network and making a certain reserve for a token, it is possible to make the token “smart”, so that it could be readily exchanged to any of ERC-20 tokens.  This solution allows: make any token liquid, support the value of KickCoin and give the backers an opportunity to sell their tokens at any time.

If the value of a project (and a token) increases, a backer can sell it and get profit. If a project fails, a backer will still be able to sell it but, however, for a lower rate.

What’s next for KICKICO? What are you excited about for the near future?

After years of hard work and preparation, our ICO finally launches on Aug. 29. Our team lives and breathes the ideals we’ve infused into the platform, and so do our investors. This is about something much bigger than a single platform or ICO. It’s about realizing the promise of blockchain: transparency, decentralisation and reliability.

Unlike most ICO ventures, we have the benefit of being a fully functioning platform – Magisters of Magic – gaming project has already launched preICO within our platform, and over the next few months, we plan to launch more crowdfunding projects, build our community and develop additional platform capabilities. An investment in KICKICO is an investment in the future of blockchain funding.

Preparing for ICO has kept you busy. When you have a few quiet moments, what do you like to read?

My library is diverse. I love Roger Joseph Zelazny, but I also read authors like Alastair Reynolds and Carlos Castaneda. As for other entrepreneurs, I follow Elon Musk—what he’s doing now, what comes next and the impact he’s made through his ventures. And I am interested to hear from Vitalik Buterin – for me he is Elon Musk of crypto world. A little bit weird, but a genius, striving to make the world a better place.

For more about innovative approach to blockchain crowdfunding browse KICKICO’s whitepaper.

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