Great piece by Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU. After graduating from a Cinema school, Oscar came to study at the Dublin City University. A Master in Journalism in a foreign language was his next goal. He then obtained an internship at Irish Tech News where he wrote, edited and worked on 214 articles (and counting) in 8 weeks. More of his work here.

This was the perfect Internship to raise my profile. Simon Cocking Senior Editor of Irish Tech News told me at the beginning of the job that we were in a tough business and that the key to Digital Journalism was to create a professional Network. At the beginning of my internship I had 40 followers on Twitter and already now have 160!

I met all the ITN team on May 30 at DCU Alpha Campus at their IOT Conference. I immediately felt at ease with everyone, this is, for example, the beauty of the Irish culture,  everyone was easy going and it made me happy to work with them. The next important date was July 3 when my Internship began. I had come home to Switzerland as Digital Journalism can be done from any place in the world.

Some articles I had to write were very interesting as I am fascinated by the future of technology and what will happen to our planet. Other articles were challenging as I didn’t really understand what I was writing about. After 8 weeks in ITN I have to admit what a “BlockChain” is remains a little vague!

But to write on something you don’t really know, to get out of your comfort zone, isn’t it the best way to improve? Another big challenge that I had to face was the importance of having good organisation. I would receive 10 emails per day with priority rankings and I had 5 weekly podcasts to publish. A graph was essential not to forget any stories.

What made me very happy was the fact that I could also write my own stories. I got to write a piece on a hippie festival called a “Rainbow Gathering” and as I had to find a link to technology, the title was: “The Rainbow Gathering, a cure for technology“. I also wrote a piece on how I think the brilliant TV Show Black Mirror reflects our modern society.

How the TV Show “Black Mirror” reflects our modern society

During my Masters we worked a lot on the “New Era of Journalism” so I decided to write an article on “How Social Media has changed Journalism“. It was an article I really enjoyed writing as it important for the new harmonious cohabitation of countries on our planet.

I wanted to try writing a polemical article, this is how the article “When is censorship a good idea?” was created. The example I chose to illustrate when and if censorship is important was Charlie Hebdo and the shooting of January 7, 2015.

As I had just graduated, some articles I had written still needed some tweaks. Simon was very helpful, he would send me comments, telling me what I had to change by explaining to me why they had to be changed. I felt like I was constantly encouraged to do better and for that I thank him very much. This experience was very encouraging for the future and confirmed the idea that Journalism was suited for me. I could not thank enough Irish Tech News for these 8 rewarding weeks.

What will I do next ? My dream job is to shoot cultural documentaries and try to understand the irrational aspects of the world. Drop me a line or message me on Twitter if you would like to hear more about my experiences or to offer me work!

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