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Great Interview with Jenny Blake (Portfolio Penguin) author of Pivot which we reviewed here. It is now out in an updated and revised paperback version. See more about the book on her website here.

Pivot, the only move that matters is your next one by Jenny Blake. Reviewed

Hi, Jenny, hope all is well, how have the last 12 months been since we reviewed the hardback? One of the most frequent questions from readers is “What happens after you pivot?” 

The biggest insight for me post-book launch is how little we can know in advance about what happens, and that is perfectly okay. As long as you have one or more pilots set-up, you can let them show you what areas of your life or business are gaining most traction. After my book launched, I had several pilots lined up for various business streams of income—keynote speaking, Pivot coaching, my Momentum community, workshops for companies—and no clue what would really take off. The goal of a pivot isn’t to solve it, one and done, it’s to get in the habit of running experiments, doubling down on what works, and continuing to pursue one’s strengths and one year vision.

Are there any updates for the paperback version? 

I wrote a new afterword where I talk about two post-pivot stages: the pilot derby (imagining our pilots as racehorses at the Kentucky Derby and letting them inform us about which pulls ahead) and the void, that liminal space between pivots where we have not yet adjusted to the new direction. I share one of my favorite principles from the Korean Zen tradition: “don’t-know mind.” Sometimes the best next move is to accept and admit “I don’t know” and see what surprises life brings our way.

We mentioned your book in a TEDx talk as we felt the FONT over FOMO is a great concept to live your life by, have you had any other positive feedback from other people who have read the book?

I love it, thank you for including this concept! Yes, it definitely resonates with high net growth individuals who are less concerned with results and outcomes and more invested in knowing that they’ve given something their best, and that they’ve learned in the process.

What key tips would you give people looking to future proof their careers

It might sound obvious to some to “double down on what’s working” but I’ve found that there are so many gems we often miss about what we’re great at, what we enjoy, what excites us most. Keep looking at what is already working in your life and work and how you can build from it, adding skills and connections and making tweaks. Of course big leaps are sometimes our most memorable too, so it’s okay to take those big risks, but they tend to work out best when they are already rooted in areas that are aligned with our deepest strengths, interests and curiosities.

What’s next for you?

I’m excited about the paperback launch of Pivot, restarting the podcast, and continuing to pilot various business ideas to see what sticks. I’ve learned to savor the experimenting process as much as any specific goals or outcomes.

Where can people buy the book and find out more about your work?

You can purchase the book anywhere books are sold—retailer options and many additional free tools and templates are on the book’s website at PivotMethod.com/toolkit. Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best on your next moves!

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