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Great interview with Huíchí Man, Producer @uxdxconf ~ Formerly Entrepreneur  in ISEF 2017. Huíchí announces her upcoming UXDX event taking place on October 4-7 in Dublin.

When is it on?

4th-7th October 2017. The main event is taking place in the RDS on the October 5th.

How many years has it been going?

UXDX is in its 2nd year. We’ve doubled in size to 1,000 attendees from Ireland and across Europe. We will also feature two dedicated stages: UX and Development, to delve deeper into each area.

What was the inspiration to start it?

To find out if there is a best practice approach to build the right product, faster. We’ve recently developed a new agile delivery model, which integrates UX / design thinking to help teams focus on user outcomes instead of features.

The founding team started it as a means of scratching their own itch. Rory, the CTO, who has worked for over a decade as a project manager, wanted to understand if there are ways of improving the chance of success on the products that he created.

Our main conference agenda and training day  is focussed on the case studies where teams have successfully implemented the best practices in product development so that our attendees can be inspired and motivated to replicate the successes of the leaders in the space. An added bonus is to to help raise the profile of Ireland as a global leader in product delivery.

What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2017 version?

Main Event

UXDX will feature 1,000 of Europe’s most forward-thinking product leaders from both startups who are launching a product to enterprises who are incorporating best practice in continuous deployment.

  • VP of Engineering for Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce site, will talk about Progressive Web Apps.
  • Bryan Dove, CTO Skyscanner, will discuss his top down approach on Agile with a team of 500 people.
  • Head of CX for Slack will talk about designing a holisitc experience for their customers.
  • Microsoft will talk about how they migrated 65,000 microsofties to Devops

Studio Training

Our signature UXDX studio training on the 4th October see three paralle sessions for Designers, Developers and Product Managers. Each stream deep dives into the individual challenges faced by the respective roles and allows attendees to either upskill on their current capabilities or finetune their expertise.

Whether you UX team want to learn about the psychology of users, your developers want to learn about DevOps or you Product Managers want to learn about how to execute Design Sprints, from the team that Jake Knapp calls the “best design sprint training in the universe”,  the training courses will help your teams accelerate their product delivery.

IX (Irish Experience)

Networking at a conference isn’t easy, and often is forced. The “Irish Experience” will feature pre-conference tours of Dublin as well as an official two day tour around Ireland directly after the event. UXDX have partnered with Adventure Tourism company, Irish Experience Tours, to run the post conference networking tours – which offers a chance to “show off” the beauty of Ireland to those companies coming from across Europe.

What opportunities are on offer for people / startups / investors and companies attending?

There are two key challenges in product delivery – building the right product and building the product right.

Building the Right Product

People naturally jump to problem solving. But what we think customers want and what they actually want are often quite different. By investing in UX teams can identify the true needs of their customers earlier and shift from building features to building outcomes for their customers. UXDX helps teams to understand how UX can save time, learn the best practices in UX and get practical advice on how other companies have incorporated UX into their delivery processes.

Building the Product Right

To build a proof of concept is easy. To build production quality software is hard. Test driven development, continuous integration and DevOps are reducing the amount of time teams spend on unnecessary rework which means they can be innovating more. Using successful case studies UXDX helps teams to get past the theory and understand how they can implement best practices in their startup or large enterprise.  

For investors, it’s an opportunity to meet 300 of the most forward-thinking startups from all over Europe, who are serious about their product and its success.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Our first piece of advice is plan your sessions at UXDX. Take a look at your delivery practices and see where there are areas that could be improved. This will help you focus where you spend your time at UXDX.

Our second piece of advice is to plan your networking. Have a look at who else is attending and try to set up some meetings with people you want to talk to.

Finally, we recommend stepping outside of your day job. Designers should attend some sessions on the DX (Developer Experience) stage, and Product Managers or Developers should attend some of the UX stage. The best teams are proven to have an understanding of the value each team member brings to the product execution.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

Tickets are on sale at uxdxconf.com and prices increase this Friday. Those who are interested in attending our training sessions and the IX tours – there are only limited spots available and they are selling out fast.

Also, teams can benefit from booking any 4 tickets and getting the 5th one for free.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

We’ll share the full details of the UXDX model, which helps teams shift from features to outcomes, at UXDX this year. This will include the necessary pre-planning steps for outcome-driven development, the strategies for development based on your product purpose and the detailed steps on how to manage each step of the process.

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