By @SimonCocking almost time for mince pies and digital detox, quality time with the family, opening presents etc. What to do with the other ten days while you’re off? Well your welcome to check out some great tech stories you may have missed. Thanks again for reading and have a great break long or short. As always if you’d like your business featured in the Business Showcase drop us a line here [email protected] 

Neurofeedback and Chiropractic Therapy Treating Stress Naturally

Energy, IT and Telecoms sectors are merging in a perfect storm of new opportunities, John McKiernan ESB

Ireland’s eHealth Revolution- developing a culture of innovation within the Irish healthcare system

ESB Spark of Genius award finalists interviews from Web Summit 2016

4 Ways To Boost Your B2B Sales

WTF just happened by Martin Goodyer, reviewed

Play to your strengths, Recruit the best and Outsource the rest! …Tips to build and grow your business

Why Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are investing in Fintech for the poor

Canon G3X, reviewed, Irish Tech News camera of the year 2016

10 promising startups to watch from Web Summit

Body language, an art to be applied to data visualisation

Visual Intelligence, exciting event in London, November 25th

Adventures in self marriage and how to deal with going viral, Grace Gelder, top photographer

Has your job flat-lined? Questions to ask yourself about your current position

The Internet of Things is enabling industry verticals that were science fiction just a few years ago

One Albert Quay, Cork. Interview with a smart building, IoT grows smarter in our cities

Chief Meaning Officer: The evolution of the marketing role

OTT insurgence is rising, what should Telcos do?

Solving business problems over dinner with 9others, interview with founder Matthew Stafford

How to create a vision that will inspire people, Paul Oberschneider

Managing Risk or Taking Risk – Jekyll or Hyde?, Pat Lucey

Barbara Mellish interviewed, Blockchain Alliance for Good President

Equity crowdfunding: stealing candies from kids?

Why kindness matters, interview with global kindness spreader John M Sweeney

What This AI Recruitment Tech Company Sees

Photographic insights and beautiful pictures with Kelvin Gillmor

Crowd funding tips from Noel O’Connor, Reflex Pillow inventor

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the New Year

Dutch treat at WebSummit in Lisbon, CouncilWise,  Surveying done better

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