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One of the challenges as a Business Leader, Business Owner or Entrepreneur is the sheer number of hat’s you wear on a daily basis in building and running a business. It’s no wonder by the end of the day you feel exhausted, and your brain is at the point of overload. Before you know it’s 5.30pm and it’s the first time you’ve had chance to sit back in your chair and pause for breath. Sound familiar? It’s certainly a recurring theme from the Clients I have worked with over the past 2 decades.

The great news. There is a solution. Yes, you will still need to dip in an out of the broad facets of running a business. This will never change as a Business Leader, Business Owner or Entrepreneur, that’s what we do. What can change, however is the areas that get your attention and the level of involvement needed from you.

#1: Play to your strengths

Over time Business Leaders, Business Owners or Entrepreneurs stop doing one of two things. First, they stop doing what they truly enjoy and are passionate about. Second, they stop doing what helped them build the business in the first place. For example, your passion might be winning business and client facing activity. As your business grows you decide to hire a Sales Manager and twelve months later a Customer Service Manager. You lose the buzz of winning the business, closing the deal and sales are nowhere near converting at the rate when you did it. The Customer Service Manager deals with all customers and you feel you’re out of touch with what’s happening at the sharp end of the business.

You’re bogged down in every day operational stuff, in the weeds sorting out problems and challenges and feel like your trapped, boxed and in a prison, whilst the people you hired are doing all the exciting, fun parts of the business.

Change it, don’t fall into this trap. Re ignite your passion, re connect with our personal WHY, what you really enjoy doing and where you add most value for the business. Play to your strengths and yes, use these strengths to help others improve but don’t lose your opportunities to use your strengths.

Tip #2: Recruit the best

Recruit the best to compensate for your weaknesses. Yes, if you love the client facing stuff and that’s what gets you out of bed every day don’t hire a Sales Manager hire a Head of Operations. Vice versa if the operational side of the business floats your boat then find the best Sales Manager or Director to bring the business in.  Recruit the best to compensate for your weaknesses or to manage those areas where you simply don’t want to get into the detail.

It’s not about trying to be everything to everyone. It’s knowing what you do well and just as importantly what you don’t. In any high performing team, the key is having in place a mix of people who all bring something different to the party, and when combined together are greater than the sum of the parts. Great Business Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs know this and are masters at attracting the right talent which complement their own skills and the skills of team members.

Tip #3: Outsource the rest

For any business today agility is key, particularly when you’re growing. The last thing you want is to be chasing revenue every month just to cover the monthly people overhead which seems to be going through the roof. It can be chicken and egg; do I recruit people to help me realise the growth or deliver growth and the increased revenue to then pay for the people. There is another way. Recruit the best people for key roles and outsource the rest.

Yes, there is an entire industry of outsourced partners from HR to Marketing, Finance to Health & Safety, Legal to Accounting. All experts in their chosen fields who you can buy time from, either on a one off fee basis or a retained basis. You need some help with social marketing engage with a social marketer to get you off the ground. You need to discipline a team member and not sure where to start meet with HR professionals to help you manage the process. The examples are endless but the point is the same; there are individuals, businesses and organisations who you can access and more importantly who can help you set up systems and processes.

As you grow and scale up you can manage the growth by turning the taps on and off as required. You deliver your growth agenda whilst remaining agile and lean as a business. And the hidden benefit…you’re growing and developing your mindset, skillset and toolset every day through the expertise around you.

How good are you at playing to your strengths, recruiting the best and outsourcing the rest?

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