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Web Summit 2016 #ThatsMyPitch winners

Startups present at the Web Summit 2016 are creating quite a storm across industries. Always passionate about helping other startups and encouraging innovation, we set out to explore the most innovative and game changing startups at Web Summit 2016 with our #ThasMyPitch contest.

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It’s incredible what some of the startups are doing to make our lives easier.

Creating the ultimate home automation system

Building stronger economie

Saving planet Earth

Equipping the next generation with most useful skills

In the heart of every startup is an idea that’ll change the world as we know it, that will progress us to the future. Here are top 10 most promising startups – the winners of our #ThatsMyPitch contest.

1. Kubo Robot

What they do

Creative people are turning good, different and exciting ideas into real products, which are ending up in classrooms and changing the way children learn. Kubo is one such robot that helps children experiment with Artificial Intelligence. Started as a research project in Social Technology Lab at the University of Southern Denmark, the aim was to find a new and better way to teach children to learn with and about technology. With Kubo, kids can learn coding, work on grammar, compose music and also learn abstract mathematical concepts.

What we love

We love the passion of the team to equip the future generation with what they call as the ‘most crucial skill of the 21st century’, Programming and for their disruptive shift in thinking ‘from teaching about robots to teaching with robots’. No surprise here that Kubo Robot was crowned as the Pitch 2016 winner at the Web Summit. Kudos to Kubo.

2. Deskdoo

What they do

Four mega trends are ruling the world – mobility (work from anywhere, any device), cloud, big data and social. Deskdoo is that unique collaborative workspace platform that makes all of this possible for organizations with remote workers. With the global workforce embracing the remote work culture, this cloud-based SAAS virtual operating system with its ability to integrate with several business applications can help employees collaborate in real time anytime, anywhere.

What we love

We love their innovative idea of virtual operating system where everything is available on the cloud, you can access from whichever device you please (desktop, mobile, tablet, tv even!), don’t need to worry about daily backup and you don’t need to install anything! Deskdoo also featured in the top 6 Polish startups to look out for in 2016.

3. Sound Particles

What they do

Sound Particles is a breakthrough audio software that’s been used by major Hollywood studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount Pictures and Sony. It all started when its founder Nuno Fonseca came up with this thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to create thousands of small sounds that come together to make something great?’ What resulted from this idea was a CGI like software that is capable of using particle systems to generate thousands of sounds in a virtual 3D world.

What we love

The future of sound design is here. Sound Particles offers an exciting way of hearing, and an innovative audio viewing experience, by virtually creating clouds of moving particles.

4. Azimap

What they do

It’s all about Location, Location, Location. And this is not just real estate’s mantra. From GPS to apps to drones .. We love everything geospatial and that’s the segment this start-up Azimap caters to. Azimap is a cloud GIS which can be used on the go in any device that lets you visualise, explore, share and present your data on vivid interactive maps, making it easy for companies to understand relationships, patterns and trends in the data

What we love

Finally a tool that can explore the true power of GIS and unlock the potential of user’s data and help make informed decisions.


What they do

You have many electronic devices in your home. And none of them work together to make your life easier. As we head towards a digital IoT age where your house works automatically, we need to solve the numerous challenges of device communication. Meet JUCEBOX, the ultimate home automation control device that connects all devices across all platforms and protocols, immediately enabling communication between devices not originally designed to work together.

What we love

We are all excited about the coming age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and this IoT enabler gets our love for its promise to make connectivity and communications simple.

6. Floodin

What they do

With Floodin, what you provide to your customers is not just a product or a service but an experience that’s worth sharing with family and friends. A media production company that especially caters to the tourism industry, Floodin helps you with automated editing, exporting and sharing. By creating high quality content of users’ experience, you enable your customers to promote their exciting lives and simultaneously your brand to their online audience.

What we love

This fairly new kid on the block is out to take you on an adventure with their exciting product that turns customer experience into instant viral marketing success.

7. Spacehop

Spacehop is an online platform that enables home-owners to offer their residential space to be used by guests for work purposes. By bringing sharing economy to the workspace market, Spacehop addresses the biggest challenge of finding affordable working spaces in London and across the UK. The startup was in news early this year for launching an equity crowdfunding campaign and raising over £60,000 with the support of 169 investors.

What we love

Most good ideas fail. A startup knows this best. But what makes it a successful startup is knowing which ideas are worth revisiting. Spacehop didn’t falter when it had its first taste of failure with unsuccessful crowdfunding last year. Spacehop is an inspiration to aspiring startups.

8. Optishower

What they do

Optishower is an interesting IoT approach to one of the biggest challenges of the 21dt century – water scarcity. Using their smart technology, one can easily track, monitor and optimise the water and energy consumption. By gamifying the whole thing, Optishower motivates users to reduce the consumption. You get a full report on consumption, your savings and recommendations to increase your revenue.

What we love

A revolutionary idea that can have a huge impact on the global ecosystem needs lot of commitment. And from what we hear from their customers, the team is doing a great job. We love the interesting idea and the infectious energy and commitment of the team.

9. Triggerise

What they do

People regularly earn rewards for basic things like booking a flight or buying groceries at the same shop. Why not take that logic and apply it to behaviour that has a positive impact? That forms the core of Triggerise, a rewards-based platform that motivates consumers to make positive choices – such as vaccinate a child, use renewable energy, and so on. They allow local communities to access and deliver aid, on their own terms.

What we love

Applying behavioural economics to health systems, rewarding positive behaviors and building stronger economies. We love the way this scalable model can adapt to unique needs of communities around the world.

10. Godamwale

What they do

Warehouse industry is an unorganised sector and booking a warehouse is a tedious and cumbersome task. Godamwale aims at to bridge the information gap that cripples the logistics industry. It is an online market place (currently focusing only on Indian markets) that combines mobile/ web technology to solve challenges in the areas of storage space and helps users to search & book warehouse hassle free.

What we love

This simple but very effective and much needed solution has the potential to become the Airbnb for warehousing .

The Web Summit provides an unparalleled experience for startups and this year too, some of the most incredible and promising startups were present at Web Summit Lisbon.

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