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Describe the Company the elevator pitch

HRTech Solution for Bespoke Graduate Recruitment

GrifAlgo is a Software as a service product (SaaS) – an online talent tracking tool for employers using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, designed to match students with the organisations Company Culture. GrifAlgo has a built in Business Intelligence Module which will ultimately monitor the cost of each new graduate recruit and their respective lifecycle within the organisation.

How are you different

We are software for Bespoke graduate recruitment, every organisation is different therefore every solution will be different . We tailor the solution for each employer. The Business Intelligence module is innovative because what you thought was a good hire sometimes is quite the opposite. Every employer wants different insights, the Cloning based on historical graduate data is fascinating.

Why will the company product do well

We are in a very exciting space, Forbes recently wrote an article on our business case ‘Competency-Based Hiring: 10 Signals The Shift Is Happening’ by Ryan Craig and Jamai Blivin. It is becoming increasingly clear that the current model is broken and we believe it has been broken for a very long time. Graduate Churn is a massive pain for Employers and for the graduates also. Employers are scouting data-driven approaches to search and acquire student talent. The old system of ‘degree-and pedigree- based hiring to competency- based hiring is accelerating’

Recently Deloitte has begun nurturing relationships with talent in high school and introduced a sponsorship programme to begin mentoring talent early. My biggest question to top graduate employers has been: How confident are they that the top talent choose them over their competitor. Arrogance has no place in attracting the best and brightest talent. We now see Law Firms inviting applications from First year students to attend summer programs. Our Dual Visibility approach will allow students or non students to connect with employers early. GrifAlgo is committed to filling this social media gap.  We believe if this generation do not already know about you, they will not seek you out. On GrifAlgo they will be matched with Company Cultures that they would be best placed to succeed in.

Where are you based

GrifAlgo is based in the Versari Hub, on Mount Street lower in Dublin 2, we also have a sales office in Seattle. Our Founder is currently enrolled on the Female Entrepreneur programme EXXCEL at the Rubicon Centre in Cork.

When was the company launched

The Company was incorporated in 2014 following two successful University awards and a business incubation program. The first pilot and proof of concept focused on the Legal Industry.

What have been your biggest wins to date

We celebrate every win big and small, the first Innovation award in the Student Entrepreneur Competition in 2013 where we won €500 that was a big win at the time, then a further seed fund award to develop the technology. When we met with a hugely successful Law Firm and they suggested we give them an exclusive! That was a big win. Getting our final branding done was a big moment, we are very proud of our Griffin. When our market research team delivered our Market Validation report it was a very big win!!! Being selected on the EXXCEL programme at the Rubicon Centre pre launch was a big win. Our Solicitors McCullagh and Wall and Accountants O’Connor Pyne supporting us is a big win. Getting support for our product launch at the People analytics Forum in London from InvestNI was a big win too. We are very grateful to everybody who has helped along the way.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product

We are targeting Graduate Employers across every vertical, we have three tools available it’s our Clone|Match|Track approach. We can tailor this to suit every employers needs, once we on board the client and discover their needs we can offer bespoke Data packages or simply tracking or matching. Once we have carried out the Cloning exercise we can map this back to their existing talent pool or our platform. We also plug into various institutions as our technology is Data dependent. We will also be attracting student talent globally.

Tell us about your team

Niamh Parker CEO and Founder, strong focus in Information Technology Law and disrupting the current graduate recruitment model. Niamh was previously a Restaurateur and Sports coach.  Allan Beechinor our CTO and Co- Founder is heavily involved in the Data Governance space. Allan also runs a web development and Software Company called Algo Data Analytical and has developed numerous business intelligence software products for the pharma and hospitality sectors. Denis Finnegan of Finn Media is our Marketing Director and a shareholder. Market research team Colette Quinn from Real Insights and Roisin Bell from Knowledge works. Three non executive directors Martin Hedley from Vision Achievement in the UK and Tom Ryan start up advisor in Seattle, Washington, Brendan Cannon COO of Adaptive and ex Intel EdTech Director. Legal, McCullagh Wall in Cork and Accountants, O’ Connor Pyne, Cork. Amy Keith from Versari is our Sales Director.

Long term plans for product \company

We will continue to innovate and work with our clients during recruitment technology change. We plan to deliver results with our people and business intelligence products. We also plan on having fun and reaching global student talent to GrifAlgo. We want to build something worth keeping! 

Favourite tech gadgets

I don’t have one, is my smart phone a gadget? but this question has motivated me to get one!

How do people get in touch with you

By emailing our CEO [email protected], or Sales Director [email protected] for sales queries.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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