By @SimonCocking. Interview with Noel O’Connor, Irish inventor of Reflex Pillow, currently 2/3rds of the way towards completing a successful crowdfunded initiaitve via Kickstarter.

What is your background?

I have been specialising in the treatment of acute back and neck pain for the past thirty years, and practice in Bishopstown ,Cork.


Does it seem a logical progression to what you are doing now?

Reflexpillow is is a natural progression to my work because it addresses the issues im presented with in my practice on a daily basis , its almost an extension of my practice going out to the world.

How does the Reflex pillow work?

Reflexpillow is a formula, H + S = N which means the weight of the Head in relation to the position of the Shoulder creates support to the Neck. The design married with the formulated material results in a unique support system that provides several health benefits, including relief from neck pain , sleep apnoea, teeth grinding, snoring, insomnia.

What made you chose the crowdfunding route for this venture?

The crowdfunding platform was the perfect launching pad for Reflexpillow because it provided a captive audience worldwide, it also generated interest from a media stand point because people wanted to hear the story about a sleeping pillow developed by a specialist in neck pain taking fifteen years of research costing over 100k.

How is it going / where can people help you?

The kickstarter is finished on the 4th of December and the response to date has been amazing. I am confident we will achieve our 45k target by that date as we are halfway there already.If people would like to pledge their support there are reward options, the popular option is a pre christmas delivery of a pillow at a cost of €74 excluding shipping. Just go to:

What happens when the date concludes?

That’s when things become interesting, I have received keen interest from buyers from the US, Turkey, Dubai. I have partnered with Dutec Ltd a global global supply chain company based in Limerick and they will be the distribution hub for the middle east and europe, with partners in asia and the U.S.

Because Reflexpillow is Patented, CE marked and a Medical Device a number of Irish companies have shown interest also and im open to discuss with interested parties.

What tips / insights would you give to others looking to chose this route?

If you are going down the kickstarter route, its important to observe the rules and not show any sales of your product prior to launch. Another very important thing is to prepare your media campaigns six weeks in advance and get expert advice about internet advertising, its not as easy as you think. Once you believe in your product, be honest and interested in people, they will find you.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Believe in yourself and your product and it will happen.

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