By @SimonCocking. See more about the product here. If you ( wealthy Angel Investor, VC, Irish Tech News fan, generally happy sort of philanthropist etc) were wandering what to buy us (well me) for Christmas 2016, this would make a great stocking filler.

We’re pretty brand neutral about cameras, and have reviewed many different products over this calendar year. However, with 2016 drawing to a close it seems reasonable to consider which one we have enjoyed using the most. The Canon G3X looks like it will be our camera of the year for 2016.

It was easy to use. It came with me when we visited Skolkovo Innovation park in Moscow, and for the international media trip to Tel Aviv to cover their DLD festival, with side trips to Jaffa and Jerusalem. The camera was small enough to be popped into cabin baggage, and fast enough to boot up when you saw something fleeting passing you by. It is robust, and, despite appearances the lens packs a lot of range, from both close up, to far away, with an impressive non deterioration of the quality of the images.
fri14Fastnet,  taken using the zoom from 8kms away

It sits in an interesting price point in the market, around double the price of an entry level Digital SLR, at around €1,000 depending on where you buy it. For this price it might seem like a slightly hefty commitment, though your top of the range smart phones will be at least half that if not more. In this context it’s quality combined with portability serve it well. We interviewed Mike Conn owner of the well known and loved Conn’s Cameras of Clarendon Street Dublin, about life, the universe and everything, and this camera came up too. Conn said many professional photographers were keen advocates of the camera for quick site shots, to capture images at decent enough quality as sketch shots for future possible photo projects.


Before the break of dawn, October sun rises on Cape Clear

We were certainly happy with the quality of the images captured, and for the events we attended, the ability to get good images in lower light without using the flash is important, and this camera was able  to deliver well in this regard too.

We imagine in 2017 there will be more great cameras, from many brands, to review, but for 2016 this one is currently stealing the show with only a month to go. Santa, or anyone else who feels so inclined, you know what’s on my xmas list!


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