GrifAlgo is an Algorithm matchmaking and talent tracking tool for Graduate Employers.

GrifAlgo is a Software as a service product (SaaS) – an online talent tracking tool for employers using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, designed to match students with the organisations Company Culture. GrifAlgo has a built in Business Intelligence Module which will ultimately monitor the cost of each new graduate recruit and their respective lifecycle within the organisation.

GrifAlgo Founder and CEO Niamh Parker is very excited about the product launch. She first realised there was a gap in the Graduate Recruitment space when she was about to graduate from Law School. Niamh has a proven track record in business and is a serial entrepreneur.

‘I owned and managed my own Thai Restaurant Franchise for eight years, it was during this time I began taking an interest in  Law as I was having so much exposure to it on a daily basis. When the recession hit I decided to return to education and study law. I love researching and enjoy a good debate so it was the perfect fit.’

Niamh went on to excel in her studies and has since completed a Masters in European and Comparative Law specialising in Online Intermediary Law. Niamh and her team have had a successful proof of concept and two University awards and under their belts.

‘We tried to be all things to all people in Version 1 and had to rethink our approach, our goal was to remove the pain of churn as a result of mismatching in graduate recruitment and GrifAlgo certainly achieves this by our Clone|Track|Match formula’.

The technology is a mix between AI and Machine Learning Algorithms, Company Culture plays a huge role in this piece of software. Dual Visibility allows Employers and potential candidates to connect from day1 in Uni /College/apprenticeship/sponsorship. Nurturing relationships early is essential to attract the best talent for your organisation. When Niamh was about to graduate from her L.LB she wondered how would the top Law firms and Organisations know about her. She did not attend Campus Events and was not on LinkedIn. GrifAlgo is committed to filling this gap in the social media cycle for student talent. GrifAlgo was recently selected to pitch at a Lean Startup event organised by Match Capital in London.

‘Something started to happen during the pitch, everybody was nodding and smiling and one of the VC’s pointed to Griffin’s on the ceiling, we knew that GrifAlgo was ready to go to market, it’s like leaving your child at nursery for the first time, that separation anxiety kicks in’

Some of the best businesses result from the Founders experiencing the pain themselves and then go on to solve a specific problem. GrifAlgo is a perfect example of this. GrifAlgo is based at The Versari Hub in Dublin a Startup hub focused on the EdTech space. ‘Versari Partners have been fantastic mentor’s to us and it’s refreshing to be surrounded by other Edu start-ups’

‘Data is fascinating, I would never have considered that some of my traits, habits and passions could possibly shape my ability to succeed in certain Company Cultures. Competences and skills are important but personality and the right attitude are a necessity’

GrifAlgo is an InvestNI client and Niamh is currently enrolled on the EXXCEL Female Entrepreneur programme at the Rubicon Centre in Cork. ‘We are delighted that InvestNI are supporting our product launch in London and that for this important phase of on boarding clients we are under the watchful eye of the Rubicon Centre’  If you are attending the Tucana HR People Analytics Forum please come over and say hi’ [email protected] Niamh +353 89 6082161

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