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AI, Banking, Blockchain, Fintech, and wider Innovation trends with SheCodes founder and Fincheck CEO, Ruth Polachek

Are you a blockchain innovator looking for investment? Satoshi Studios, South East Asia’s First Blockchain Incubator opens

If large companies want to stay relevant they have to innovate, Alon Zadka senior innovation lead Lloyds Bank

Inclusive Talent Management, by Stephen Frost and Danny Kalman, reviewed

Japanese Startup insights at Slush Tokyo, Antti Sonninen Slush Asia CEO explains more,

Does Privacy Still Exist? Data and privacy insights with Marc Gagne

Pull your head up out of the weeds and step back from your bubble. Startup tips with Justin Mauldin

MGCOOL aiming to create a high-level camera, comparable to Gopro Hero 5

TransferMate Named as Official Payments Partner of West Ham United Football Club

Fuelling Success Through Happiness: Positive Leadership

Sci:Com #SCICOM16 review by Richard Corbridge

How to successfully scale startups, a Finnish perspective, Marjo Ilmari, Tekes

Slush 2016, a different approach to helping startups

Robots Podcast. Towards Automating Fieldwork, with Hans-Peter Grothaus

Podcast by Aidan McCullen with vStream Group Co-Founders Andrew Jenkinson and Niall O’Driscoll

Review of four 360 cameras from 2016

Gigantic, 3rd person shooter, reviewed

London Unbound Conference 2016 reviewed

Robots Podcast Fotokite Phi, with Sergei Lupashin

Created in China, how China is becoming a global innovator, reviewed

The Remote Workforce, what companies are doing about it

Ryanair – Amazon of the Air or Amazon Air?

IT Career Questions: Define the Kinds of Problems you Enjoy Solving

Selling to the point, a story by Jeffrey Lipsius, reviewed

Tomorrow Today, how AI impacts on how we work, live and think. Reviewed

MGCool Explorer Action Camera reviewed

Tips to choose your social media network

Photography and technology by Brendan O’Se

Reinventing the Wheel, why Tech startups need to consider Business Culture

Podcast with Aer Aran founder Senator Padraig O’Ceidigh by Aidan McCullen

My favourite iphone photographs of 2016 by Brendan O’Se

Marketing insights, the fall and rise of Irish Whiskey with Stuart McNamara

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